According to the back of the packaging for the Archer Link and Rider Link amiibo, scanning in the respective figures will unlock rare weapons for Link to use on his adventures. If the images are legitimate then they indicate that Archer Link gives you rare bows and Rider Link gives treasure for riding horses such as saddles and large swords. Check out the images below to see for yourself:


Would this be enough incentive for you to part with your cash for Zelda Breath Of The Wild amiibo?




  1. If they really sealed these weapons behind an Amiibo firewall, then it’s as bad or worse than any other 3rd party DLC.

    3rd party charges like, $99 for a game’s deluxe version that includes special weapons and perks, well, add the Amiibo up, plus the game… wa-la. Zelda Deluxe Edition. $100+ for the exclusive rare weapon bundle.

    If that’s not bad enough, we can’t just buy the DLC, we have to pay Scalpers 2-5x their worth to get them. So yeah. no more complaining about 3rd parties if this is true.


      • Ahhh, my god sir, you have uncovered my brilliant plot! That is EXACTLY what I plan to do. However, I fear you missed my point. Nintendo has evolved DLC into a worse beast than it was before by limiting Amiibo production!

        If something you really wanted say the switch launched at about $600 and you complained and my response was well you could just not buy it I don’t think you’d be very happy! D;

        In addition, I felt it’s necessary to call out the hypocracy and complaining about third-party DLC when intended has now done the exact same thing. And on that note I say unto you, good DAY sir!


  2. How much you want to bet these are the same “useful items” you get by buying the DLC in addition to the Switch shirt? They’re also probably late in the game.


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