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Nintendo France Expects The Switch To Sell Over 800,000 Units This Year

Nintendo France’s Managing Director, Philippe Lavoué, has mentioned their sales expectations for the Nintendo Switch. They expect to sell 800,009 Switch consoles this year, which is the same as the lifetime Wii U sales. This includes 95,000 that they expect to sell on day one with a 100% Zelda conversion rate. Apparently, Preorders are aligned with the Wii’s figures. The reservations have reached such a volume that retailers are enthusiastic and committed, and consumer hands-on are unanimous about the hardware quality. They also expect to sell 700,000 3DS consoles and 3,000,000 3DS games.

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  1. That’s a really low expectation. PS4 and Xbox One sold 1 million each at launch. In fact, from what I remember it was in 24 hours on launch day that PS4 sold that amount.

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