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Nintendo Talked About The Core Concepts Of The Switch

The Verge recently spoke with Nintendo’s Shinya Takahashi and Yoshiaki Koizumi about the Nintendo Switch. The pair didn’t say much, but they did offer a few remarks about the console’s core concepts.

Yoshiaki Koizumi spoke first, saying that “when we were working on the early development of the Nintendo Switch, one concept that was very important to us was how do we get people together to have a good time. Whether you’re playing poker or blackjack, you’re going to be making eye contact with other players. We like to think of this as being integral — core to Nintendo’s DNA. The same DNA is even flowing through the Switch.”

Shinya Takahashi was the second to speak up, explaining that “certainly Nintendo has our long-time fans who are looking forward to new installments in our IP like Zelda, Mario,. and of course we’ll continue to make new games for those fans. Nintendo is an entertainment company first and foremost.

The ability to pick it up and hand it to someone else was a very important part of the hardware. We began to look at how can we leverage these technologies to create new experiences that will appeal to that wider range of ages and a wider range of interests than even the Wii audience had. One of the things we’ve continued to consider for a long time is how we can give an audience that played Wii another opportunity to come into contact with Nintendo software. Adding this level of freedom to a game console means more people will see it in use. They’ll have more opportunities to have contact with games in general.”



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  1. they’re so desperate to have the wii crowd back that it’s sad and funny. they need to let go and actually focus on gamers.

      1. What do you mean we’re wrong? That’s exactly what we’re saying. The Wii croud. Nintendo wants them back, more than they want their fans to keep playing.

        1. No, he’s saying your brains are small and ugly, SHUT UP! It sold out on 1.2 million preorders, dunce head idiot, THAT CASUAL GAMING TOO YOU?!? HUH?!? HUH?!? HUUUUUHHHHH?!?

          1. I think the batteries in your universal translator might be dead. What he said was,

            “how can we leverage these technologies to create new experiences that will appeal to that wider range of ages and a wider range of interests than even the Wii audience had…”

            Sounds to me like they wish they had the Wii buyers back, you know, all the one-off casuals buying Wii Sports and Jeapordy? Take your complaints up with him, he said it, not me! :)

    1. They won’t let go. it has become their Achilles Heel, and they will die trying to recapture the casual croud. They have done extremely well with their marketing, but it’s clear who they really want playing their console.

          1. i swear, these people complain about the dumbest things. i can’t wait till this thing comes out and they shut the fuck up…..who am i kidding? they’ll find more to bitch about.

        1. Thank you for that by the way. I had tears in my eyes from laughing last night. You have my gratitude!

      1. Keep it up! You got this! Nintendo should really be paying you and Commander should be promoting you. It’s one thing to take a bullet for Nintendo, but to take all the bullets, well, I have to admire your consistency. Yes, when All the third party games are being released on Switch, all the nursing homes, prisons and physical therapist locations start buying up the hardware, and Nintendo surprises us by destroying the competition with their mobile tablet and games, we will all have to eat our words and you can gloat.

        And I hope you realize… This is not personal. I like you, just like I like the commander… but we find ourselves on opposite sides of the battlefield, so battle you I must.

  2. The problem with this concept:
    – The “Wii Crowd” doesn’t want another Wii.
    – Their Wiis sat in closets collecting dust for years.
    – Lots of shovelware on the Wii
    – Casuals didnt want a WiiU just because it has Wii in the name.
    – Nobody wants anything to do with the Wii.

    All of the Nintendo fans and even the fanboys should be insulted by this. Betrayed by Nintendo. Nintendo basically just said that the fans that supported them through the years are nothing to them. They don’t want you but will give you a bone from time to time. Nintendo fans that supported them are basically “in the way” of them trying to get the casuals back. What a fucking thing to say before the launch. nintendo fans deserve better. Yes, even the fanboys.

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  3. I can’t help to say that the comment sections have became a battlefield exactly like when Wii U was about to be released. Nintendo elitists and fundamentalists defending an error, while some moderate people lamenting the directions Nintendo had taken for itself. Just check what was the fate of the poor Wii U, people. It’s not the question who is wrong and who is right; it’s all about how dead wrong and stubborn Nintendo can be. I watch the same movie I watched in 2012, with one or another different players. I hope this time the end this time is different, but based on how Nintendo is shaping up the Switch, a plot twist is something almost impossible to happen.

      1. This is not a war; this is, instead, the sad plot of a much questionable business strategy taken by Nintendo.

        Its noteworthy that Nintendo fan base is nowadays, by far, the most divided one between all the three. This does not surprise me, and the cause of that is all the monkey business we’ve seen since the Wii days.

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