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Tsunekazu Ishihara Talks About The Pokémon Franchise On Nintendo Switch

Japanese publication ToyoKeizai Online recently ran an interview with Tsunekazu Ishihara to discuss how the Pokémon Company is planning to bring the Pokémon franchise to Nintendo Switch. The interview was translated by NeoGAF member StreetsAhead.

Pokemon has been about portable, but now there is the Switch which is a portable home console so it has a bigger screen and high specs than were used to. Apart from main games, we make stuff like Pokken and Dungeon so I am thinking we should make games that suit the switch from among the games were making but at this time I cannot confirm any projects



  1. Since the Switch is portable home console, I would like to see the next main series Pokemon game for the Switch. Along with that a new Pokemon Stadium, and new Pokken game also.

      1. You do realize that portable and a handheld are the same thing. And eurogamer has leaked that a 3rd entry in the Pokémon sun and moon will come to Switch.

    1. Stadium is completely unnecessary now, as all battles are 3D anyways. Maybe if they added an announcer to the Battle for the game. Like, if it was the Battle Tree, add an announcer to that. Maybe even have the option to have an announcer between battles with friends.

  2. ||Make generation 8, period…||

    ||It’s the logical thing to do by far…||

  3. Further confirming that they’re planning on releasing a separate handheld that succeeds the 3DS and that they’ll retain Pokémon as their primary selling point for it. Why wouldn’t they? It would mean a huge cut in profits to abandon their two-console system. Besides, it’s still pretty easy to justify a 3DS successor with a longer battery life and better portability than the Switch. Plus, the dual screens are still fun, and they could come up with some other feature/gimmick that will make it stand out.

      1. Clearly, that’s not the case (at least not yet), as Pokémon will not be making the Switch. It is, however, quite likely that this is the second step towards them going fully portable in the future, and that this is how they’re easing us into the transition. Or semi-portable could just be this generation’s main feature, and maybe they have something else in mind for the future.

        Either way, I doubt they’ll stop releasing two platforms just yet.

  4. I think they want to say the next pokemon mainline game will be on switch but they can’t lol seeing as how it’s the “console” and not the 3ds replacement. I still see the mainline Pokemon games transitioning to the switch. I just don’t expect it to be announced until the 3ds is phased out. I don’t think they are going to announce a separate handheld and I honestly hope they don’t so they can focus all games on switch. I would not want to purchase another handheld when I will already be treating the switch as my Nintendo handheld

    1. I bet they’re saving the announcement for E3. Pokémon Stars will either be exclusive or a shared game with 3DS at the least if the rumors are true about it. They know Pokémon would be a huge seller for this system. Either way Gen 8 will definitely NOT be on 3DS.

    2. There is actual proof of a Pokémon coming to Switch. When people were data mining sun and moon they found higher resolution images of character models.

  5. “Games that suit the Switch from the games we’re making.”

    That pretty much includes everything. He said it himself that the main games are about being portable and now the Switch is portable. For people who bring up the battery, do you not know that the Switch is pretty in line with the 3DS depending on what you’re playing or are just being willfully ignorant?

  6. I will pay any amount of money for them to put Pokémon Stadium on the virtual console and make it compatible with Red, Blue, and Yellow on the 3DS. So much nostalgia.

  7. A mainstream Pokémon game for the Switch would be great, but I wouldn’t mind seeing a Pokémon Colosseum type game on the Switch. I still like occasionally playing Colosseum and Gale of Darkness on the GameCube.

  8. They’re going to put the mainline series on their, they just cant say it yet, saving the announcement for a bigger audience. It makes absolutely no financial sense to unify your handheld and hoke console developers and then not put one of your most successful franchises of all time on that system. Its GONNA happen. We just need to be patient and wait. Dont worry.

  9. @ darthklarc I hope you’re right. 10 years ago, I would have said Nintendo could never be as dense as to pass on the one thing that would guarantee the success of their grand experiment… Now, I reserve judgement on ANY possibility when it comes to Nintendo’s business decisions.

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