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Check Out What The Critics Think Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

In the collective amount of hours it took me to do the water dungeon on Zelda: Twilight Princess, Zelda: Breath Of The Wild for Wii U and Nintendo Switch will be launched and Nintendo have captured some critics’ early impressions. As expected the preview impressions are greatly positive. Have a look below to see some promising comments:


Check out the rest on Nintendo’s official page here.

Alternatively you can read our very own preview here.



    1. The water temple in skyward sword was one of my favorite temples in the game! It was super inventive and the zombie part was fun too. The pirate ship one is the best though.

    1. Took me a couple hours longer than it should have cause I kept overlooking something obvious. It’s always the water temple that takes forever lol. Ocarina of Time started this trend :p

          1. I personally don’t but we do have access to a copy of the game; it’s being reviewed by a member of staff as we speak. Expect the review to land as soon as Nintendo give us the green light :)

            1. I’ll be very skimpy on reading haha. Just make sure there is a spoiler alert whenever they show in the review :p Did you happen to preorder and get that Sheikah shirt from nintendo UK? I wanted one so bad haha but the only person I know in the UK couldn’t help me out with it sadly. Maybe they will turn up on ebay I hope.

              1. Colette is usually spoiler free! Nah I wish I did but I did a load of trade ins at GAME so I’ve got credit to use there and there only :( my t shirt collection is already huge in regards to Zelda ones! If you see any cheap let me know 👍🏻👍🏻

                1. Haha I have a decent size collection of zelda and other various nintendo shirts myself. Never thought I’d say this but too many now haha, I wanna start buying “nice” shirts like collar shirts and such. Not getting rid of my ninty shirts, just kinda feel like it’s time to switch up my style lol. But yea I’ll definitely let you know if I see the shirt and for a good price.

        1. ||What about Great Bay Temple? Is it worse or not than the Water Temple?…||

          1. Eh, it was only more time-consuming because you had to travel all the way back to the first room to change the water current. That’s a bit easier to comprehend than raising the water *level*. That said, Great Bay did give me some trouble as an amateur warrior as I was not even a decade old when I first played it.

            1. ||Yes time consuming would probably be the best word for it…||

              ||Well you did your best and triumphed in the end, so your skills were good enough…||

  1. I wonder what did it look like in Nintendo’s headquarters when they were planing this gem…
    “Alright, enough with great games, this is the time for the new ultimate masterpiece.”

  2. To be considered to be as good, or maybe even better than Ocarina of Time is a major accomplishment. Ocarina of Time is considered to many as the greatest Video Game of all time.

  3. So happy the wife gave me a Wii U for Christmas when it came out. I played only two games since. Monster Hunter and Xenoblade Chronicles. That console disappointing the hell out of me but I am not planning on buying a Switch so now that xmas gift is looking like pure genius from the wife because this game appears to be legendary and I am going to be able to play it. I can’t wait for Thursday night! Already dusted off and hooked up the WII U, added balance to my eshop account, cleared enough space for the digital download and updated the console to the latest version.

    These will be a slow couple of days, that’s for sure.

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