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Game Informer Video Surveying The Public’s Knowledge Of The Nintendo Switch

Game Informer made a video surveying the public’s knowledge of the Nintendo Switch. The console is out this Friday worldwide and Nintendo has been ramping up its marketing efforts ahead of the launch. The question is, do the general public know about it?

Thanks to Supamario for the tip!


  1. Fuck game Informer breh. They barely covered Wii U content for the whole life of the system my guy. Before the Zelda cover art this month, they havent had a Nintendo game as their cover for like 3 years. Now all of a sudden they are doing content centered around Nintendo because Nintendo is in the news, but they edit it in such a way that makes it seem like the public is totally clueless. Seriously fuck those guys brah. They are to Gaming what Fox News is the politics. They’re a spin machine for Sony. They just lick Sony’s butthole bro. Never trust em

    1. I get your frustration, but Nintendo also did their part here. It’s not GI’s fault that Nintendo just got swallowed in irrellevance for the past years. Sure, games like MK8 might’ve deserved to be covered more but what reason would they have had to put anything on a cover in the past 2 years? Nintendo decided to let their system die a slow death and media coverage like GI’s or anything elses is just a reaction to that. Nintendo somehow switched (snap) their marketing-agency (or whatever) and suddenly their new system appears on a certain radar. And in general this video might more be a mirror of how the mainstream mass generally perceives videogames and shows that most ppl just have other stuff on their minds.

  2. Well i’s normal that few people knows about it. It’s not even out.
    In 2 years they will know. For now it’s matter of fanbase and enthusiasts. ;)
    I already spread some poison on my surroundings, and in my children’s classroom there is already some talking. Everyone like it except one classmate fir what I know.
    Nintendo should pay me for my public relation. ^^

    1. Exactly, , especially with more tv station running more and stores starting to have advertisements for the Switch. Will make people more aware of it.

  3. The way I see it, anyone who DOESN’T already know about the Switch is NOT a gamer! That’s the only explanation. It just seems crazy to me that there could be anyone out there who is even remotely a gamer that hasn’t heard about the Switch by now. It’s even crazier this time around than it was back when the Wii U came out, and nobody knew what it was.

    But I guess not everybody makes video games their whole life the way that I do. In fact, I’d love to have an NES shaped casket when I die (or some sort of Nintendo shaped casket). But alas, I know I’ll be cremated instead due to high funeral costs. EWW!!!! I’m totally off the subject now. I’m talking about something depressing on a happy Nintendo article/post. Shame on me.

    1. ||You can always make sure that they cremate you with Din’s Fire…||

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