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Final Wii U Version Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Compared To Nintendo Switch

YouTuber Lord Richie has put together a video that includes a graphics and sound comparison of the final Wii U build of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild to the Nintendo Switch version. You can check it out below. The upcoming game seems to be slightly more enhanced on the newer console, but both platforms appear to do justice to it. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is set to launch this Friday, March 3.

45 thoughts on “Final Wii U Version Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Compared To Nintendo Switch”

  1. I see improved textures and draw distances, plus the lighting and shading is better on the Switch. Still looks damn good on Wii U though.

  2. There’s not much point for comparing the introduction segment (aside from maybe seeing the draw distance).

    What they need to compare is the fighting and rune segments, where there are lot more AI, physics, animation calculations involved.

  3. The Switch version Is a bit richer, and sharper looking. And other than that, and minor little details (such as the gleams of light from the sun), it’s not a mind-blowing difference. I’m just glad I’m getting the Switch version, so I don’t have to feel like I got the inferior version. Like the way that I feel when I buy a game, then later they release a COMPLETE EDITION, with all DLC included. That ticks me off SO bad!

  4. At least it is coming to the Switch. I hope they can do better then that though, on the Switch, in the future. Because it doesn’t look bright. What do you think of the following?

    The WiiU gpu has 352 Gflops.
    The Switch has 512Glops.
    Xbox One has 1.3Tflops.

    Now you know what to kinda expect Switch vs Xbox One…

    However, the Scorpio which may be coming out this year or next and has 6 Tflops.

    6 Trillion vs 512 Billion
    6 000 000 000 000
    512 000 000 000

    Now you know what to expect from this next generation. The Switch, The Scorpio and the Pro.

    1. I know what to expect from their specs and sure, might give some foresight of what to expect from some visuals. But at some pount it’s not like it will affect gameplay as much.

    2. I think that is why many people think Nintendo should just market the Switch as a handheld. The Switch will not be able to run any current or future AAA games (current being FFXV and Horizon Zero Dawn). The Switch may offer interesting gameplay experience but not the immersive, technology-pushing experience that hardcore gamers look to indulge themselves with.

        1. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4! Hopefully it will also await us at Nintendo Switch if Nintendo doesn't FUCK things up again!}

          Still calling anything not a Nintendo system or a PC toys, eh? Toys are things you can actually throw around & not have to worry about it being badly damaged. You can’t toss a PS4 or Xbox One wherever you please & not expect it to get badly damaged or even destroyed. *shrug* But I guess fanboys will be fanboys regardless of what device they use. I remember the days when Sony & Xbox fanboys called Nintendo systems toys. Some probably still do. Oh well.

    3. Nintendo will focus itself further on artstyle instead of resolution and framerates. The direction is clear and you can choose between the Switch hybrid right now or a DS successor in three years if the Switch doesn’t work out for Nintendo. However they left the pure console market this year with this unique system, because they couldn’t compete directly with Sony and Microsoft. Most AAA titles are unlikely to get a switch version, because it’s at the end of the day a stronger PS Vita, powered by Nintendo games, shipped with a “Playstation TV” like dock, internal space and normal sd card support + new controls, couch coop games in 2 controllers right from the start.

      1. I see. But why all the fuzz from Nintendo on getting 3rd parties back to the Switch? Not once, not twice, but several times Nintendo stated that they want developed the Switch taking into account what 3rd parties desire.

        Besides that, horsepower does not only mean better graphics, but also better AI, better processing and such. In that way, games can be longer, more complex, and devs can have room to innovate — sorry for sounding like a broken record as I said this several times here.

    4. Scorpio has no more interesting games than a PC. It’s a PC, as the upgrade shows. That’s the path you wanna follow? Follow it then. There is no console with the content prospected on the Switch in my opinion.
      Though if you like those games more than Nintendo ones buy it definitely. I don’t.
      If it was weak like a Wii though I wouldn’t have considered. For me it’s just ‘enough’ its power. Games should look good on my television.

        1. Every game should look good. My old Xbox 360 games should still satisfy me, and this is more powerful so I have no doubts about it.

  5. This is a stunning Farewell to the Wii U and the best Welcome party for the Switch.

    Wii U wasn’t well designed but it had better 1st party games than the Wii.. .IMO

    But the Legacy of the Wii U and the Wii will now live on in the Switch (S-Wii-tch)

  6. If the YouTuber isn’t cheating, both versions seem quite similar — at least during the segment shown. Don’t know how the Wii U version will behave once one gets several enemies at once, though.

    Anyway, I’m OK with the “inferior version”, which is how some people keep calling BoTW for the Wii U. It’s so sad to see the community divided by this kind of bullsh*t. Instead of all of us being happy in finally getting the game, some insist to despise those who are not getting the Switch version.

    1. I don’t really see any difference.
      Never trust people trash-talking, that’s it. If there are they are very minor and dependnt from Wii U hardware age. Nothing really to see here.

    2. Agreed. It seems those of us not wanting to get burned by the Switch are outcasts. We’ve just learned our lesson already when we fully supported the U.

      Good thing I’ll be leaving this site a month after BoTW release so I don’t miss any news. Hell I may just set an alert on Google for BoTW U considering all the negativity on here.

      1. Bad times don’t last forever, except you are called SEGA. Nintendo had two bad consoles, the Virtual Boy and the Wii U, the rest were successful. With this one they have corrected Wii U mistakes. I never supported Nintendo with the Wii U, the GamePad was too stupid for overlooking, but this system is a safe bet, and I have fully committed myself to it. I BET it will succeed. I’m already happy by the line-up, and I think it can be even better in 2018 if Nintendo play its cards well.

      2. Exactly. I bought the Wii U day one, and droughts really pissed me off.

        Good luck with BoTW! Hope you enjoy it and have a good time exploring the game!

  7. Of all the negativity that has been regarding Switch, BotW makes me a bit more hopeful. It would seem we have a masterpiece…

  8. If this video is legit, both versions look pretty darn good. The Wii U is the little system that could. Glad I didn’t have to sell mine to get a Switch if only for Smash 4 , Bayonetta, DK: Tropical Freeze, Mario 3D world though I hope they all end up on Switch at some point .

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