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Reggie Talked About Unreal Engine 4 Support For The Switch At GDC

News from GDC continues to come in, but this time the news comes from Epic Games’ conference. This is because a pre-recorded video featuring Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime was broadcast at the conference. The topic was about Unreal Engine 4 support on the Nintendo Switch. In fact, Reggie says at one point  that “Unreal is enabling a whole new group of developers to make games for the Switch”. Reggie also spoke about a few announced games that run on the engine, such as Redout and Shin Megami Tensei. Unannounced Unreal games were mentioned, but Reggie only said that “the developers themselves will speak up when the time is right, and from our perspective we can’t wait”.


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  1. On announced games, Reggie said that “the developers themselves will speak up when the time is right”

    Ladies and gentlemen, this is Reggie being Reggie. ¬¬

  2. I’m monitoring that Redout. It’s that or Fast RMX. I’ve heard that both are good. Though Redout does resemble more F-Zero, track and vehicles design at least. Far more.
    I don’t really know.

    1. I’ve only watched videos but FAST RMX looks better… Not just graphically, but it has a sort of Rollcage feel to it… and oddly, the switching mechanic adds some sort of Ikaruga thrill. Its mint and If I have to choost between that and Redout, I’ll definitely pick FAST RMX

  3. I’m glad I’m not getting the red and blue controller scheme. I think it makes the system look very tacky and too standoutish. The more elegant gray or black is the way to go.

      1. That’s fine if you want your Switch to look like a toy. Everybody has different opinions I respect that. I think the different colors look tacky. Maybe if you could purchase the solid blue or solid red my opinion would be different. I hate the mismatch look of it.

      1. I agree it looks boring after seeing the neon colors it sucks that I didn’t get to pre-order that one so now I’m stuck with the plain gray.

        1. Sorry to hear that man, at least they give us the option of buying extra joy cons, but that’s another $70-$80 which is more than games cost lol. Less than 24 hours till launch though :)

          1. Yeah if I have to purchase extra joycons they will definitely be the neon colors and I can’t wait for botw I can’t even think straight lol

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