Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove Amiibo Functionality Expanded

Yacht Club Games has announced some new details on the amiibo functionality in Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove and Specter of Torment.

The developers have confirmed that the Shovel Knight amiibo will work in both Treasure Trove and Specter of Torment, allowing you to access Custom Knight and Challenges, as the data will be saved to your amiibo. This will also allow you to transfer your Custom character and levels over to the Nintendo Switch.

Along with this addition, Yacht Club Games has introduced a new character named Madame Meeber, who can summon fairies to join you on your journey. If you speak to her in the Village, Potionarium, or the Tower of Fate and scan your Shovel Knight amiibo, she will summon the Fairy of Shovelry. The fairy can be used with Shovel Knight, Plague Knight, and Specter Knight, and can assist in digging up treasure or helping out in battle.

You can check out some screens uploaded to the developer’s blog below:






  1. Is there a reason while this game cost a whopping 25$? It’s good, I know, but price it’s very very high for a retro-game.

      1. Oh, ok. Definitely I would have gladly payed 9$ per episode. I think 25$ will stop some people. They have competition not only from indies but from high budget games and money is limited for every customer.
        9$ here, 9$ after one or two months would have been more wise for them.

        1. It used to be less expensive but you’re jumping in at a time when several of the chapters are already complete. if you were buying it back in the Wii u/3ds days it would have probably been like $15.

          Like Alex said, each playthrough with a different character is like a different game. Not just different skins, but each character comes with a different set of skills and a new way of playing the game. it even changes up the map and levels.

          I hear what you’re saying though $25 is a bit steep for a retro game but this one’s pretty good.

    1. Just because it looks retro, that doesn’t mean it should cost less. It could honestly sell for more if they wanted it to. Not to mention that development costs can still be high for retro-styled games, too.

        1. From what I understand the price has gone up when new campaigns have come out. It’s basically the original Minecraft strategy with it starting out cheap and the price rising as they add content. It rewards the early adopters while keeping the price appropriate to how much content is. You also have the option of just getting the newest part for $10 if the other parts don’t interest you.

          The way I see it, the full collection is $25 for three parts now and whatever else is added in down the road. I read something about a fourth part being planned for next year that everyone getting the game now will get for free so that’s four parts for a great price. That sounds like the best bang for my buck from the indies.

          1. I don’t say they are thieves, I’m saying that if they can split it in episodes it would be easier for people to jump in. Maybe someone will buy just one or two episodes. I’m interested in one for example, and eventually would like to spend more money at a later time.

        2. You can buy them individually for much cheaper. 25$ is for the Treasure Trove edition that has all prereleased “episodes” and you get the new ones for free as they come out.

          1. I’ve seen only one episode at 9.99 and that’s the one I like the less. Is it possible to play that eventually? Is it standalone?

              1. Fantastic. I have seen only Torment at 10$. It’s the one I want to skip. I just would like an episode with the ‘grey knight with the shovel’ but I didn’t see it in early eShop videos.

        3. It’s 3 games in one. The first Shovel Knight was $20, then there were the DLC stories. This one includes Shovel Knight, Plague of Shadows, and Specter of Torment, all-in-one, for $25. You’re getting a good deal with it.

    2. I have never heard anyone who has played shovel Knight ever say 25 is too much. There’s lots of content in there and it’s well worth it trust me. I never even finished the first campaign and I feel it was money well spent without even touching the other full campaigns there are yet. Bought the physical one for 3ds but never beat it. Now that the switch is out I’ll probly buy it on there just to provide support to the developers and to finally beat it

      1. Maybe because they didn’t payed that much. Digital distribution costs 14.99, on Steam for example. And I don’t know why I should pay 24.99 on the Switch, that’s the price for the retail version.
        I think 9.99 per episode should avoid some people skipping it because of the upfront cost.

        1. Oh aight true u got a point there but 9.99 per episode would make it more expensive as each being separate. I still think for 25 dollars its well worth the price but yea their probly just pricing it for the new crowd on the switch.

          1. I would like to buy just one episode now, I’m no a fan of the game. Evnetually in a couple of months I would buy another one. I’m more intersted in other games but I would like to give it a go for one episode.

            1. Oh ok I get you. I think specter of torment is allowed as a separate purchase actually I saw it yesterday on Nintendo’s site for 9.99. idk about the other ones

      1. Nope, I do not agree. 70 people worked on New Super Mario Bros U. Eventually it could be priced lower but definitely it’s just that’s priced far more than that retrogame.

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