Street Fighter II is the game that keeps on giving, a new version of the classic fighter coming to Switch twenty-six after its arcade release. Knowing fans are desperate to get their hands on the new characters, Capcom have revealed the game is releasing worldwide on May 26th 2017. While not at the console’s launch, Switch owners won’t have to wait too long to get their hands on the game. Are you excited for a new version of Street Fighter II? Tell us below.



  1. At least they are playing with different prices. I like this new politics.
    I’m not interested on it, Street Fighter II is old like death. Why not a new episode?
    Well… meh.


  2. Wow so soon? Great price too…day one for me
    …..can’t wait to kick some Japanese butt online. .. just like what I did with sf4 on the 3ds.


    • so soon? The game has been released for 26 years. you cannot possible assume the extra features would take so long to produce do you?


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