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UK: GAME Is Cancelling Some Nintendo Switch Pre-Orders

With only a couple of days to go before the Nintendo Switch is launched, it’s been recently reported that a small number of GAME Nintendo Switch pre-orders are being cancelled. According to an official statement from the retailer, it would seem that some customers are being shown a ‘cancelled order’ error message at the payment screen:

In the event that there is an issue with payment not going through from a customer’s card issuer, an automated ‘cancelled order’ notification is sent to the customer. We’re speaking to the small number of customers affected, and working to make sure they still have the opportunity to get their hands on a new Nintendo Switch.

Hopefully this is just a glitch and gets sorted soon. Let us know if you’ve been affected by a cancelled pre-order below.



  1. They probably just ran out. This happened when I preordered A Link Between Worlds’ special edition from them. Cancelled it, said that they were having trouble processing my card (I had money in my account) and told me to retry by ordering it again, but it was out of stock. They said that it was unfortunate and sent me a link to the regular edition haha.

  2. That really sucks for those customers, I don’t understand how these stores don’t find out till days/weeks before release that they took more preorders than they should have. Of course, I don’t work in the store or know how it all works with taking orders and stuff, or when they find out how many to take, etc, so I can’t really say if it’s on the store or not, but it really sucks to find out just days before release, that you’re not getting your new console or game or both.

  3. They cancelled mine. Credit card thought the payment was fraudulent. Given this was hardly a shockingly expensive purchase and the number of people on Twitter affected I suspect it was the way Game tried to process the payment (time of day etc). They also cancelled my Zelda for Wii u game (had it on preorder since 2014) and have still not called me to reorder this. Spent two hours on hold with them, customer services were awful, over all they are a bit tragic. I try to support them being a genuine game shop but this stuff makes you just think go to Amazon in future.

  4. Target cancelled mine… They would put a hold on the funds then removed the hold every couple of days to just make sure the funds were there. After the 3rd or 4th time my bank thought it was fraud and cancelled my debit card. So then the next day when Target did another hold to check, it told them the card was cancelled and so they cancelled my Switch pre-order without letting me give them an updated card number.

    Wish they would have either charged me when I pre-ordered or just before shipping like Amazon so this didn’t happen.

  5. Game cancelled mine this morning – Barclays triggered it as a fraud case – I confirmed it wasn’t but apparently Game’s antiquated system instantly cancels the order outright if the payment doesn’t go straight through. Spent 45mins on hold till got through to someone at the Game help number. He took my order number and details and said they’d have to create a new order and link it to the old one – someone would phone me back later today to confirm the details for it.

    Never got the call back – 8 hours later now so doubt they’re even still in the office and the website just shows my old cancelled order. Seriously doubt i’m going to get it for launch now which is ridiculous since i’ve got the day booked off work just to make sure the package didnt get bounced back to the sorting office. Absolutely fuming :(

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