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Head Of Xbox On Nintendo Switch: “I Love The Hardware, They’ve Done Some Really Innovative Work”

It seems that Sony aren’t the only ones throwing Nintendo compliments as of late. IGN recently got the chance to sit down with the head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, and Spencer had nothing but praise for Nintendo andΒ Nintendo Switch. In the interview he went on to state:

“Our relationship with Nintendo is great…they’ve done some really innovative work. I love the hardware design. Anytime Nintendo brings a new product to the gaming market it’s good for all of us.”

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    1. Exactly. Phil also had this delusional idea that Sony would love to connect PSN and Xbox despite Xbox line being better. And of course your relationship with Nintendo is great, your have their old IP in your vault and ran it all to the ground. What was it called? Oh yeah, RARE!!! THAT’S IT

  1. While fanboys think the big companies are out to kill each other,the CEO’s show respect to one another and appreciate the work they do. Ya’ll never learn.

    1. ||Xbot, Xbot, Xbot, Xbot, Xbot, Xbot, Xbot…||

      ||Your logic is?…||

  2. It’s nice to see that it’s not the companies at war it’s the fanbase itself (roleplayers, or supposed hardcore players) thinking their console\weapon is better is just stupid ! It takes all sorts to make a world so stop this childish console war and respect everyone’s opinion and play what you prefer.

      1. By Sega I assume you mean the multi platform company that did great in the early 90s, but now is only kept alive by developing games for multiple platforms? unless they actually own a console their argument is invalid. Yeah I’m not a switch supporter myself but kudos to those that are.

        1. Well console war was an amusing story in the 80s/90s.
          I hope Nintendo don’t give up on hardware and become like that dead spectre.

  3. More proof that console wars only exist among hardcore fanboys that true their devotion to a console too seriously.

  4. He seems like a decent fella.
    I’m also sure Microsoft is happy to have Nintendo creating hardware, but far away from their install base. They get the benefits of Nintendo contributing to the gaming/console market, without the risk of them taking their customers. Basically, if Nintendo had kept up with the pack after Game Cube, xBox would be in a LOT more trouble than they are now. Sony has been kicking their but sales-wise, and if they also had a Nintendo console with some muscle and 3rd party support, I’m pretty sure Microsoft would be reconsidering their position in the console market.

    As long as Nintendo continues to chase a different group of people, with hardware that can’t compete with MS and Sony, it gives all three more room to breath in their respective markets. As long as Nintendo can continue to be profitable not tapping into the… how do I say this without offending anyone… Core gamer demographic? IDK. The people who want 3rd party games that are as close to PC quality as possible without having to buy and maintain a PC. :)

    1. I agree but in some sense XBox is chasing what gaming was while Nintendo and So y are going after what it will be. Kids like handheld. Nintendo is going there… Sony’s VR looks inpressive and their brand ia stronger than Oculus. Xbox is trying to create a PC… i guess that is their niche for the future. We’ll see

      1. Nintendo is chasing money. And it’s just a business, so why not? They will sell out whatever they have to so they can have the Wii crowd back. Good luck to them. they’ll need it.

        Xbox…. IDK what they are doing Lol. As long as I can play all the current games, IDK. :P

        Sony Definitely seems to be holding strong!

        1. All of them are chasing money that is a given. But they are not just chasing the wii crowd they are chasing the crowd that was born after the wii came out. Obviosuly parents have to buy it, but the brand is still strong and I think they are set up better than the wii u. If this came oit after the wii, that would have been great even though the tech wasnt there

          1. “All of them are chasing money.” – Exactly. But I used to believe Nintendo was about more than making a profit. And I’m disappointed that it’s not true anymore.

            1. Well, i think there is a gray area… after the wiiu and the idealist sentiment that the ceo who died was instilling and where the wiiu went, they needed a business mind to get them on track… to be business they need that unfortunately. There is still the ideals you thougjt were there, and they were and still are… in fact you could argue that the switch proves that more so. They good just put out a powerhouse if they wanted to and they didnt. Either way… here we are and wr arent going to change thag except with the money choose to spend, or not to.

          2. I saw a review, that said Nintendo striped out every drop of gamepad functionality. No inventory management, no map, no Shieka slate.

            Call of Duty, Ubisoft (ZombiU and Blacklist) and many other devs tried to integrate the gamepad, and Nintendo didn’t even give its own hardware enough respect to finish a game, THE game designed for their own fucking hardware, to make the game everything it could be. The only thing that matters is that you buy a fucking switch, and they will make any and every sacrifice to make it happen.

            and this game that’s getting rave reviews from the people who dispised Nintendo, who don’t know Nintendo, who jumped on the Zelda bandwagon because it was the popular thing to do, have no idea that Nintendo gave up on its own fans, and its own hardware. IGN and all the others didn’t suffer through almost two decades of Wii bullshit. They are just now jumping in. easy for them.

            Nintendo doesn’t care about gameplay. The devs do. The developers behind breath of the wild didn’t want to ruin the game they worked on, Aonuma didn’t want to tell them, but it was his job to convince them to strip down their game so there was NOTHING that could possibly stand in the way of Switch sales.

            And almost nobody knows, and even fewer care. Zelda was the one game I wanted Nintendo to give a shit about and show some unpopular support. And they fucked WiiU and Switch owners both. I don’t care that Zelda looks better on the Switch. I don’t care that it’s a duel release. I care that Nintendo gimped the fucking shit out of Zelda, just to prevent a few sales that may have gone to the WiiU because it has some really fun gameplay advantages.

            Breath of the Wild is my last Nintendo-developed game for the foreseeable future. I doubt they will even notice my money missing, but it’s all I can do.

  5. But why all these praising? Do they look at the future for their careers?
    It seems that Sony and Microsoft are more enamoured of the Switch than IGN.

    1. ||To lure you cattle masses into believing their nice words, just like the rest of humanity and their pointless charades…||

        1. ||We’ll see by your actions, until then you are off that list…||

        2. Since you’re semi-new here, don’t worry about taking what Commander says personally. He’s got bigger fish to fry, like purging the world of Nintendo’s antagonists. If he calls you cattle, he’s not personally judging you. :)

          1. I know it’s an eccentric guy (even possibily running multiple accounts ^^), and I somewhat like roleplaying, but I like to distinguish myself from (any) herd. My will and awareness are strong. ^^

  6. Phil need to stop tweeting and get his a!@ back to trying to get some new damn exclusive games on that xbox platform! Besides Trump I’ve never seen someone spend so much time tweeting so many words while saying so little at the same time, and he still has nothing to show for it on that platform!
    The only thing he did lately, that I enjoyed greatly due to my hatred for the company it has affected, is that new digital rental service on xbox which made Gamestop’s stock drop.

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