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PlayStation UK Congratulates Nintendo On Zelda Breath Of The Wild Metacritic Score

PlayStation UK has congratulated Nintendo UK on Twitter after The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild achieved a phenomenal metacritic score of 98 this morning. The company has its own game to take on The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild in the form of Horizon Zero Dawn. So whether you are gaming on the Nintendo Switch, Wii U or PlayStation 4 you’re in for a good weekend.


    1. Zelda BOTW is already the highest rated game of all time. 98 is the score. The previous holder was Super Mario Galaxy with 97.8 While Ocarina of time was dethroned by SMG (97.6)
      Zelda has done it again

      1. i know that.. but i don’t really don’t care what a reviews says about games.. it’s my on personal opinion that matters to me. So it can have 100/100 i still don’t care what metacritics says or any other page that makes the reviews. :)

        1. Really? I pretty much trust metacritics but sometimes they can disappoint.. . For example, I still think God of War 3 and the Uncharted series are highly overrated by reviewers. But Zelda has never let me down so I can count t on this

          1. I’d never trust a reviewers opinion about a game or another person for that. in my opinion games like god of war and uncharted series are great games and thats my view of thos games :)

  1. I thought the day will never come.. . Gamespot gave BOTW a 10/10…
    That’s great considering Tom McShae shamelessly wriggled his way through Skyward Sword and gave it 6/10

  2. Personally Zelda appeals to me WAY more than HZD, but I definitely do want to check that out as well. Might have to get a Switch, PS4 Pro, and Gaming PC…

  3. Just wait until IGN releases its review score. The metacritic score will drop to 6.7!

      1. IGN is pretty generous with Zelda games. They are usually well scored.. .Skyward sword also had 10/10 on IGN if I remember correctly

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