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Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Is Currently 98 On Metacritic

Reviews for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has started to pour in and the overall consensus is that the game is fantastic. The long-awaited open world adventure currently has a Metascore on Metacritic of 98/100 from 25 critics. This puts the game as one of the most highly reviewed titles on the site and bodes well for the game’s launch tomorrow. You can check out the reviews, here.




  1. 23 out of 37 scores so far were 10….
    23 out of 37….
    And the site is not even counting Famitsu in….

    Lay down your souls to the Nintendo Master Race.


  2. With the=e number of Perfect Scores it already has, it is set to surpass the all time rank set by
    Super Mario Galaxy.

    It already has more perfect scores than Skyward Sword…
    Great stuff for the first original HD Zelda game!

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    1. The only game on Metacritic with a higher score (99) is Ocarina of Time. At 98 we have Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2, GTA 4 and Soul Calibur. Imagine that, Breath of the wild is as good as a skateboard game for the PS2!


  3. It’s ranked the 4th highest rated game on metacritic of ALL TIME, only behind: Ocarina of Time (99), Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 (88), and Grand Theft Auto (88).

    That’s fucking amazing.


  4. The mountain range of salt that is the ign comment section is downright hilarious calling Jose a fanboy for giving the game a 10 or any high score for that matter.

    I guess all the other metacritic reviewers are too? SAD!

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  5. I bet that haters are about to jump off the cliff now lol but seriously I knew this gem of a game was amazing so it’s nice to see that the gaming media is into an anonymous agreement. If this title doesn’t win ” Game Of The Year ” it will be a travesty. All in all I’m excited for it and can’t wait to play it tomorrow on my new Switch….Great job Nintendo

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      1. Same here my bro, I’m going to be on that masterpiece like all day when I get off from work


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