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Zelda Breath Of The Wild Nintendo Switch Day 1 Patch Now Up

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild releases tomorrow but if you’ve managed to secure an early copy of the game there’s a day one update available on the Nintendo Switch. There’s no patch notes at the moment to reveal any changes that the patch may bring but it’s likely to be a stability update.



      1. The biggest problem is that big publishers like Nintendo serves ungrateful journalists like those of Polygon that instead of analyzing pros and cons warn buyers telling “don’t buy”. That’s not a service to customers, that’s just ‘downing’ the customer. Tell pros and cons and let the customer be the judge. If you don’t appreciate your job do something else instead of it.
        Isn’t it fool to say “there is no VC don’t buy”, or “the system is bugged don’t buy”? The very first day customers already knows the are things that will eventually get patched or expanded, no need to act like a crow. Like if Zelda wasn’t enough. Like if Super Mario 64 wasn’t enough, etc.

      1. I agree. I see no problem at all in patching games — if a particular game needs a patch, let’s patch it.

        I’m just making fun of some Nintendo fans who are a little bit biased. I know sometimes I exaggerate, but I’ve been trying to control myself.

        1. All good, it is ridiculous. And I’ve heard it has helped with the frame rate drops and such so that is great… Not sure if the WiiU version will get it or needs it, but that would be nice if it does.

          So ready

      2. People say it. Just like Nintendo fans calling other console users “graphics whores” then telling WiiU owners they want to pay $300 for a system so they can play an exact same game with better graphics and that even with the same gameplay, a lesser resolution makes it “inferior.” Nintendo fans are blind hypocrites. They just say whatever puts Nintendo in a positive light. That’s just a fact.

        1. Interesting… Sports fans are often the opposite… they hate on their team relentlessly unless they actually win the “big game” whichever that might be

          1. BTW, I talked to Amazon again today. They are going to next day me a copy of the WiiU version Friday so I have it Saturday, plus they extended my Prime membership by a month. I thanked the rep for going the extra mile. I’ll be hoping on my elliptical (in front of my TV) and finally put to rest all my questions about the game and begin what could be the best Zelda Quest yet!

            1. Awesome man, I am very happy to hear that. Amazon does come through for good customers when they fuck up.

              And hopefully you enjoy it so much, and we get some great news by E3 you might just partake in Mario Odyssey on the Switch this holiday and not abandon Nintendo in the future

        2. lol?no its not a fact? You are a lier. The people want to move on to the NEW ALIVE console not to get zelda on the dead console no1 give a fuck about graphics this is why nintendo fans get wii u this is why nintendo fans get Wii THIS IS why nintendo fans get DS and 3DS and not Vita no1 care for the graphics.
          Also Switch is ON the GO so this is by far not the same experience.
          The people like to test the new console and live the dead wii u in the past but hey this never cross your mind right? and there are alot of people who will buy wii u zelda but it is very convinient not to mention them for you

          1. It’s a fact. Not all Nintendo fans, but a lot of them. Call me whatever names you want, it doesn’t change a damn thing.

          1. I deliberately did NOT use the word, “All.” I left it out so I would not be making a universal statement. :)

            1. Ok. I just wanted to clear that up. When you said “Nintendo fans are blind hypocrites.” it sounded like a general statement encompassing all fans.

              1. I totally understand. It was passionately worded, so it makes total sense why you’d want to clarify. Besides.. I guess I really can’t say “all” because that would lump me into that group as well! D;

        3. Isn’t it sad that some people keep calling the Wii U version of BoTW “inferior”? The same ones that blatant say “I don’t care about graphics, I care about gameplay.”

          1. yep. This is how many Nintendo fans get labeled “Fanboys,” and the Nintendo fans who are not fanboys get lumped in with the group. (not saying that’s right, it’s just what happens)

          2. Honestly, I don’t even know if there are many people like us that feel this way. As far as I know, I’m one of the anomalies among Nintendo fans. I’m certainly outnumbered here! XD – But at least we don’t have full-blooded trolls anymore. I think they sulked away in disappointment when the Nintendo Fan Civil War started. XD

            1. It seems MNN trolls vanished forever after E3 2015. From that day on, Nintendo itself became the king of trolls, making MNN trolls totally unnecessary. ;)

        4. Also, I find it funny how people are ready to distill their elitism here: “You are wrong, faithless man! The Switch is the best console we could get!”


          “I can play the Switch on the go, infidel!”

          Seriously? Because some want do do it, it does necessarily mean that everyone sees the “on the go” component as a deal maker.

          The Nintendo community is pretty much divided.

          1. The ones using “Commander” linguistics don’t bother me too much, It’s part Nintendo fan, part having fun, but the ones who are dead-serious and say those things are the ones that give Nintendo gamers a bad name.

            1. Exactly, I was not making any reference to Quadraxis — he’s funny most of times.

              I was referring to people who makes Nintendo their subject of worship, and cannot admit even one wrong move Nintendo did in the past. Or, even worse, people that used to defend the Wii U with their lives, and now — one day away from Switch — are saying the Wii U always was a failure, and now it’s a dead, buried console.
              Oh, well.

              1. Right! I was on your wavelength. ;D – And yes, that last part I think really bakes my noodle. D;<

                1. That doesn’t change the fact that you are so impolite — I cannot imagine how important is that achievement for you!

                  1. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4! Hopefully it will also await us at Nintendo Switch if Nintendo doesn't FUCK things up again!} says:

                    It’s always fun when a fanboy tries to call us a moron for calling them what amounts to being a little dumb sheep.

                2. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4! Hopefully it will also await us at Nintendo Switch if Nintendo doesn't FUCK things up again!} says:

                  I guess Rootgamer struck a nerve with this one. Must be one of those fanboys that worship Nintendo like it’s some kind of god. Fanboys never change.

      1. A guy I spoke to on Twitter who was downloading the initial 3gb or whatever on the wiiu version said that it says version 1.1 after he was done. I basically asked him if it was the download we knew we had coming or if there was an extra patch… that was basically his answer which leads me to believe that there is a patch of some kind

    1. When I left for work there was a patch ready to download after buying the digital version for the Wii U.

  1. Just got the switch and Zelda at the midnight launch here in New Zealand.
    Yes it is awesome. The screen looks great and the game looks great too. Joycon connectivity is a bit of a problem though. Anything as much as the side of the couch getting between the joycons and the switch when docked makes them cut out like a bad bluetooth speaker. Other than that, pretty happy!

    1. Thanks for the update…. I guess, in general, when would you have the joycons out of view of the system? Now if someone steps in between you and the screen or in a more “active” game they happened to cross your path and they cut out, that would suck, but hopefully it is something they can fix

  2. I have a couch in the lounge that sits lengthways in front of the tv. So for example I was lying down on the couch facing the tv and the left joycon became very intermittent and cause the signal to drop. Link just kept walking in the direction last sent from the joycon. It might sound like a bit of an obstacle, but it’s really just the arm or the couch between joycons and the switch.

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