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US: Nintendo Store Now Stocking Replacement Nintendo Switch Kickstand, Dock And Joy-Con Grips

The US Nintendo Store now lists spare parts for Nintendo Switch which is great news for those who are heavy-handed. Nintendo are currently offering customers options to purchase spare kickstands, docks and standard Joy-Con grips. I’ve included the prices below and the link to get them if you wish:

Nintendo Switch Kickstand – $3.99

Nintendo Switch Dock – $59.99

Nintendo Switch Standard Joy-Con Grip – $19.99

There’s no word on the UK store supplying these as of yet but we’ll update you when (and if) they decide to follow suit.



  1. $59.99 for what is essentially just a bit of plastic? Ouch. Suppose its convenient to not take the dock from room to room but still.

    1. TEEEEECHNICALLY you wont need to purchase the power adapter and the HDMI. or at least the official ones i mean. of course given that you already have a usb-c and hdmi cable readily available. all you do is makeshift a setup like the original dock.

      for instance, I bought a pro controller and i use the pro controller charger and a attach a random wall adapter to the usb to charge the Switch as well. if you bought a 2nd dock. all yous have to do is use a secondary usb c and HDMI instead of buying the actual $30 charger. you could probably get away with the set up for about $15 dollars or less, seeing as though hdmi cables are abundant.

      1. Same for me my friend. But I entered 10 Nintendo Switch giveaways on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook just in case I didn’t win. They said they will announced the winners by email. Besides I’m a little short anyway.

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