The US Nintendo Store now lists spare parts for Nintendo Switch which is great news for those who are heavy-handed. Nintendo are currently offering customers options to purchase spare kickstands, docks and standard Joy-Con grips. I’ve included the prices below and the link to get them if you wish:

Nintendo Switch Kickstand – $3.99

Nintendo Switch Dock – $59.99

Nintendo Switch Standard Joy-Con Grip – $19.99

There’s no word on the UK store supplying these as of yet but we’ll update you when (and if) they decide to follow suit.




    • TEEEEECHNICALLY you wont need to purchase the power adapter and the HDMI. or at least the official ones i mean. of course given that you already have a usb-c and hdmi cable readily available. all you do is makeshift a setup like the original dock.

      for instance, I bought a pro controller and i use the pro controller charger and a attach a random wall adapter to the usb to charge the Switch as well. if you bought a 2nd dock. all yous have to do is use a secondary usb c and HDMI instead of buying the actual $30 charger. you could probably get away with the set up for about $15 dollars or less, seeing as though hdmi cables are abundant.

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