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Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Breaks Record For Having The Most Perfect Scores On Metacritic

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild hasn’t been out for even a week yet, but it has already managed to break several records. For example, on the review aggregator site Metacritic, the latest entry in Nintendo’s long-running action-adventure series currently has the most perfect scores from critics that represent more than 40 publications. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild launched worldwide on March 3. It is available on both Nintendo Switch and Wii U.

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41 thoughts on “Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Breaks Record For Having The Most Perfect Scores On Metacritic”

  1. It deserves every bit of it from what I’ve experienced so far and I haven’t even gotten to the first dungeon. The world that’s been created is so amazing it just makes me want to explore.

    My experience with this game is making me seriously consider picking up Skyrim.

    1. I loved Skyrim back in the day. Now, after playing BotW, I find it kind of redundant. BotW creates a much more fleshed out and designed world. It’s hard to go back for me to less now I think. Skyrim is much more repetitive. But worth a look maybe just to see and understand.

    2. When Bethesda launched Elder Scrolls: Oblivion, soooo many ppl (who back then had played Wind Waker on the Gamecube) were just dreaming of a Zelda game like that one. How would it be to have this kind of freedom in a Zelda game? wanderingaround, sit at a fire in the nature, cook something, wait for the next morning and then sattle your horse and move on. Then there was the depth of the quests of that game, the complete freedom to chose what kind of player you wanna be, the conversations, even zillion amounts of written words inside books, expanding that whole universe and so on. Skyrim built on that, expanded on many things, brought way more character and depth to the story (at least for me) and had dragons, which felt really amazing back in those days (and I guess still works). And again, Zelda ppl were dreaming of something like this, but all they got was Skyward Sword, which still was undeniably awesome in its own rights, but after I’ve just played through that and played 2 hours of BotW, SS suddenly seems decades away.

      Now over a decade later, Nintendo somehow managed to make many of these thoughts compatible with the Zelda franchise what, looking at the old games, seemed completely impossible to some. But after they also managed to still keep it a Zelda game, although you get like a dozen of new items within just the first hour which would’ve taken 20-30 hours in a traditional Zelda game to get, it somehow still feels like a Zelda game and that’s somehow what also speaks for the Elder Scrolls. You can’t just make an open world game, throw freedom, free choice and adventure in it and suddenly it’s just like Skyrim. Zelda somehow makes clear, how strong Skyrim’s identity really is and how much you would miss if you’d stick to Zelda alone. It’s a completely different style of game, way slower, surely more aged in many mechanics, but once you dive in, you, just like in Zelda, don’t wanna dive up again.

      So, sorry for the essay, but I guess there’s a reason why Nintendo chose Skyrim to launch in fall. After playing 6 months of BotW, ppl might really feel like they want to play something alike and I guess there couldn’t be a better choice than Skyrim for this. And portable it’s truly a behemoth in your pocket.

    3. I never enjoyed Skyrim as much as this, and I never completed it. Broken mechanics, boring sidequests, and WAY TOO MANY dungeons and caverns. This was the reason why I was bit of worried if I’d like BotW, but I completely adore it.

  2. I bet the haters are gonna say how all of these sites are biased towards Nintendo now. Some of them are already saying that Nintendo games only get high scores because these sites respect the nostalgia of Nintendo. They act as if all Nintendo games have high scores which isn’t this case. Breath Of The Wild has earned all of its great scores because the game is a breath of fresh air for the industry. The game is amazing in every way

    1. What pisses me off, are people fucking up the user score in metacritic, I know this is not news to most of you, but I used to rely on the user scores instead of the critic scores because I trusted “gamers” over “critics,” but now with so much bullshit in the user section, I can’t trust It anymore. >:(

      People have a right to not think Zelda is an amazing game, but they are just fucking ass-clowns to judge it without playing it. It needs to be played before it’s judged, at least judged harshly. If you want to watch a clip and say, “Meh” fine, you are missing out, but fine. But to rate it a 0-3 just out of spite is fucking stupid.

      Humans never cease to disappoint me! Which is why I live with a dog. She’s not very bright, but she’s loads smarter than most people these days.

        1. I guess it’s hard to be a Nintendo hater currently.
          All they have to grasp on is couple of youtube clips showcasing defects.

    1. Absolutely. It has the most perfect scores and should be topping Ocarina of Time. . Problem is, no one reviews ocarina of time again and it’s score is based on about 32 reviews, while BoTW is based on over 40.
      In my view, it’s the greatest Nintendo have ever made

    2. Nope. It’s not.
      It’s a gem but not the best game ever.
      What about the poetics in Ocarina, Captain Blood?
      What about the perfect gameplay of Super Mario 64.

      For me there is not a best game and there is not need.

      There is no best poet. Dante is better the Baudelaire? Baudelaire is better than Dante?

      ‘Best’ it’s just an exclusivist attitude.

      ‘Cool’ it’s the way.

      It’s like U.S.A. vs. Italy. ^^

  3. The game is FAR from peerfect, but it’s pretty great. A videogame hasn’t given me this feeling since Halo 3… Pokemon Diamond… or Bioshock. A game hasn’t given me this feeling in a long, long time..

    1. No game is perfect in that way. Perfect scores arent about a game that is perfect, it’s not possible already because of only the fact, that different people like/dislike different things/gameplay mechanic decisions etc.

    2. People don’t seem to understand that 10/10 does not man perfect. It means masterpiece. No game is perfect.

    1. Are people really saying that?
      Probably people who do not own a Nintendo system to play it on and they’re only watching YouTube lets Plays.
      This game needs experienced, not just watched.

  4. Bruh Ive played every Zelda game, and this is by far the biggest and best of them all bro. Most likely the biggest and most impressive Nintendo game of all time in my opinion my doode.

  5. Well deserved. I’ve been playing it everyday since last Friday, and the game is absolutely gorgeous and outstanding. Interestingly, I feel it has some similarities with Metal Gear Solid V, which I loved every second –I know this is kind of odd, but maybe some of you felt the same.

    Kudos for Aonuma, for taking the series for the right direction.

  6. Open World Zelda was a dream ten years ago, now it’s reality… or are we still dreaming? If so I don’t want to wake up -_- Bravo Nintendo and thanks Bethesda for the help, When good forces join Nintendo that makes the highest rated games ever.

  7. Just look the Users Scores the 30% are people from Gamespot-IGN and they put 0 with multi accounts
    same happend with Horizon but the scale on the Zelda is much bigger since they dont like how perfect

  8. I’ve been playing it w/ every single bit of free time I have since launch day [which is why I haven’t been on], and I STILL haven’t gotten to a dungeon yet after logging multiple hours, the game is gorgeous and it scares the sh-t out of me sometimes w/ my weapons breaking and me scrambling to stay alive, I love it.

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