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The Nintendo Switch Is Now The Best Console Launch In Spain’s History

As we learn more about the Nintendo Switch‘s sales numbers, things seem to grow more positive for the company. At first, sales numbers were up the middle. However, more data has been coming out that suggests that, worldwide, the console is doing much better than anticipated. In Spain, the Nintendo Switch has surpassed the Playstation 4 in having the country’s best console launch ever. The Switch sold 45,000 units in 3 days, and 50,000 units had been shipped to Spain. This suggests that nearly all of the console’s stock in the country was sold to gamers.

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6 thoughts on “The Nintendo Switch Is Now The Best Console Launch In Spain’s History”

  1. Interesting.
    There is no scalpers on our local auction website.
    Either all the Switches been sold to gamers, or all the scalped units has been sold as well to gamers already.
    Retailers have no stock available. Expecting to get some next week though.

  2. It’s really saying something that the Switch is selling so well despite there being a dearth of games and features for the system, as well as the issues plaguing its hardware. It’s going to be crazy when Nintendo releases their next heavy hitters and when the floodgates awaiting us at E3 are opened. I have a feeling the Switch will be unstoppable, and I am sincerely hoping that both Sony and Microsoft try to copy it somehow.

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