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SEGA Teasing Project Sonic 2017 At SXSW Gaming

The official Sonic the Hedgehog Twitter account is teasing more information for Project Sonic 2017 at this year’s SXSW which takes place March 10-19 in Austin, Texas. With all the recent Sonic Mania news it will be refreshing to hear more information about the next big Sonic title that’s set to grace the Nintendo Switch this year.


  1. I so want this game to be great! I mean eventually SEGA should be able to find a formula that works for Sonic in this modern era right? :) They’ve been close before….anyway if this ends up flopping at least there is Sonic Mania.

  2. Yea after the massacre that was Sonic boom I got no hope for this series anymore lol they should hand the series off to some developers that will treat the series with the respect it deserves

    1. Sonic used to be amazing. I have faith that Sega and Sonic Team will eventually get their groove back. Sega does still know how to make good games, just look at Yakuza 0 as an example. I know I am a biased sonic fanboy, but bias aside, I still think they can do it. Sonic’s main strength as a video game lies in 2D. They started screwing him up when he transitioned to 3D.

      1. I enjoy both it’s just that 3d Sonic is harder to pull off. I mean Sonic colors was great imo it combined 3d and 2d. Lost world wasn’t that bad either. Personally I would love to have another Sonic adventure style game but I think the way they have been doing with the series their not ready lol trying to reinvent the character too much to compete with Mario which he will never get to that level honestly.

        1. I feel like Lost World would’ve been so much more successful if it came out on the PS3 or Xbox 360. The Wii U controller made it much harder than it was supposed to be.

          If I could have another Sonic game, I think that I would want another Sonic Rush or Sonic Advance game.

          1. That’s awesome! Sonic R is one of the few ones I have not had the chance to play. One of the weird ones I kinda liked was Sonic 3D Blast. Have you played that one?

    2. Sonic Boom was handled by ex Naughty Dog devs. This is coming from the Generations team (one of the best platformers in recent memory that isn’t Super Mario or Shovel Knight).

    3. And maybe THEY’LL give us a true Sonic Adventure 3, if SEGA isn’t willing.

      It would be even more ironic if they’re passionate Sonic fans who stay faithful to the source material, and are better writers.

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