Those of you looking to pick up another dock for your Nintendo Switch console are in luck as the Nintendo Store has put them back up again for purchase. If you want an additional dock then it will cost you $60. Again, this is just the dock with no additional extras.



  1. it’s not every single dock. Jesus people how many times do I have to say it? So far it apparently looks like a bad batch, and hopefully it turns out that’s all that was, and that it’s not like the 3DS screen scratch epidemic that affected a ton of people. (but again, not everyone)

    If a defect affected every single person then it’s not a defect it’s a shit product.


    • But do you have proof that any Switches were scratched by a dock or are you just basing it on a picture and taking the persons word for it? While I’m not saying that it would be impossible to scratch it if you tried, the one picture circulating the most with the claim that the dock scratched the screen seems like BS to me. Those scratches were put there by something very sharp, not a blunt piece of plastic.


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