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Konami Addresses The Latency Issues During Online Battles In Super Bomberman R

Konami have posted a message to Super Bomberman R fans via their website informing them that they are distributing a patch for Super Bomberman R that solves the latency issues during online battles. The firm says this is the first of many updates planned to improve the Super Bomberman R experience.

Dear Bomberman Fans,

We are happy to announce a significant upgrade for Super Bomberman R available on Nintendo Switch.

These improvements should greatly refine the game-play, control input and character controls, for both online and offline play.

This is the first of many upcoming updates that will focus on improving the Super Bomberman R play experience.

We appreciate your patience and your continued support..

Stay tuned for more information!

The Super Bomberman R team.



  1. Well good thing they plan to support it. I won’t be purchasing until they add a significant amount of content (doubtful) or the price eventually decreases to below thirty

    1. Price thing is bound to happen eventually, but I’m curious as to what content you’re expecting. This game already has ten times the amount of stages, items, abilities, hazards etc as that of Bomberman DS for instance.

      1. Yea I’m expecting to pay 25 max for this game. Konami is just trying to milk early switch adopters. Nothing about this game warrants $50 for me at least I like Bomberman but I don’t like it that much lol

  2. If they give me a My Nintendo discount for Super Bomberman R or even 1, 2 Switch! I’d finally be able to use some of these gold coins and would quickly pick these titles up. They’re just a bit too pricey to be a priority for me right now…

  3. Actually, the thing that bothers me the most is that Bomberman have simple mechanics, why the online has to be that bad? ( haven’t played, but I read to much negative feedback)

    1. It was bad but I really think it was for other players internet speed. Yesterday I played online couple matches and it run really smooth. Its a great game though

  4. This is badly-worded (by Konami): is the patch out *now*? Or is it still forthcoming? It sounds like they’re saying we can grab it now, but I’m not buying this game until I get some first-hand confirmation the patch is actually available today.

  5. ||Fascinating, now give me a remake of Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon at once…||

    1. Who else remembers Sunset Riders for the Snes?? That’s a game that truly deserves a remake, I miss the old one run- arcade genre

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