Konami have posted a message to Super Bomberman R fans via their website informing them that they are distributing a patch for Super Bomberman R that solves the latency issues during online battles. The firm says this is the first of many updates planned to improve the Super Bomberman R experience.

Dear Bomberman Fans,

We are happy to announce a significant upgrade for Super Bomberman R available on Nintendo Switch.

These improvements should greatly refine the game-play, control input and character controls, for both online and offline play.

This is the first of many upcoming updates that will focus on improving the Super Bomberman R play experience.

We appreciate your patience and your continued support..

Stay tuned for more information!

The Super Bomberman R team.




  1. If they give me a My Nintendo discount for Super Bomberman R or even 1, 2 Switch! I’d finally be able to use some of these gold coins and would quickly pick these titles up. They’re just a bit too pricey to be a priority for me right now…

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  2. Actually, the thing that bothers me the most is that Bomberman have simple mechanics, why the online has to be that bad? ( haven’t played, but I read to much negative feedback)


  3. This is badly-worded (by Konami): is the patch out *now*? Or is it still forthcoming? It sounds like they’re saying we can grab it now, but I’m not buying this game until I get some first-hand confirmation the patch is actually available today.

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