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Nope, South Park: The Fractured But Whole Won’t Be Coming To Nintendo Switch

A tweet by the official South Park Twitter account had Nintendo fans super excited as it suggested that we might see South Park: The Fractured But Whole on the Nintendo Switch.  However, IGN got in contact with Comedy Central to see whether this was actually going to happen and the answer is, no. You can check out the definitive statement, below.

“South Park: The Fractured But Whole won’t be coming to [the Nintendo] Switch,” a representative for the South Park studio via Comedy Central confirmed to IGN



  1. ||It doesn’t matter, we will not support your fractured rectum either…||

    1. So you want support again because it refuses to support one system that seems like a crap shoot on making money? Can you ever be more than a tool to Nintendo?

      1. So you won’t support a game because it refuses to support one system that seems like a crap shoot in making money? Can you ever be more than tool to Nintendo?

      2. ||They created me, obviously I’m their tool in a way, I don’t see your point…||

          1. ||You should take your own advice human, seeing as you follow my theoretical life so carefully…||

              1. ||Been the most noticeable in here doesn’t equal most active human…||

                ||But since you replied even faster then by your logic you only have no friends but enemies as well…||

                1. Dude, you put a character of a robot on a Nintendo thread. Lololol 😂😂. You clearly have no friends and need a girl. And if you are a girl, I feel even worst for you.

                  1. ||I’m a Security Commander Drone, not some peasant robot…||

  2. Why cant nintendo just make a normal console. I dont want a portable. I would never use the screen. I would never use the joy cons. Nintendo is being so anti consumer.

    1. I couldn’t agree more ;) Nothing wrong with a normal controller that has been fine for 30+ years. Just give me a REAL home console with full support , it doesn’t matter if I or anyone else likes all the games, aslong as we have the actuall option to play them.

      Me and allot of other people buy a Nintendo console for Nintendo games and a PS4/Xbox for all the other games out there. And to be honest even Nintendo games can’t convince me anymore besides Zelda and Metroid but the last good metroid was back in 2007. Sure Mario is fun but not enough reason to buy a switch.

      1. I am so glad Breath of the Wild didn’t get canceled on WiiU. I literally don’t need any more Nintendo games after Zelda. It’s so amazing, and is the perfect Nintendo game to play before taking a long break from them.

          1. I’m not even sure I’m willing to pay $300 or more to play Mario. I am so fucking sick of Mario. Now, Odyssey looks interesting, but again, not going to sell me on a system. I’ve been through this far too many times with Nintendo.

    2. Lol their not being anti consumer. Maybe it’s not to your taste but I personally don’t have time to game at home ever. So this console for me is a blessing could not be any more happy with it… Well I could but u get the pont. Anyways, does that make me anti-consumer as well for liking the portable? The world has changed my friend. They have been heading down this road for a while now. PS4 or PC are your best friends lol

      1. Ps4 and PC are indeed the best thing for people like him and me now if they had Zelda and metroid I would probally never buy a Nintendo Console ever again unless they make a Pokemon MMO like world of wacraft lol.

          1. The rescources they waste (my opinion) on the handheld part and the Joy Con could have been spend on a REAL home console (again just my opinion) , allowing for way more games specially triple A titles. If I want to play casual games on the fly ill just bring my tablet or phone thank you very much. Also like watching blu ray movies and good online support this is 2017 not the 90’s but hey what do I know right.

            1. Who still watches blu-rays? Why not just watch Netflix? Netflix is coming to Switch. Sounds so retro that it needs a disc drive.

              Sure I still use Blu-ray player for my daughter, but I would never want to load up a game console for her to watch it. Why kill the battery of the controllers when the blu-ray player is hooked up to the TV?

              1. i don’t like netflix it’s because of services like that we don’t have video stores i enjoyed going to rent a movie of a Saturday afternoon with a pizza and a few beers.

              1. Do you use every single possible feature on your PS4 (I’m assuming you have one)?

                If not, you paid for features you’re not using :)

                  1. I’m not damage controlling. I’m asking a simple question to make sure you don’t have an extreme bias. The question I asked is pretty fair.

                    1. Now you are just being pedantic. I dont use motion controls in the wii u gamepad but still bought the wii u. The joy con controller is a $70+ controller I’ll never use and the screen is prolly $100. This rips me off way more than the wii u.

                    2. If you say no than you payed for something you’ll never use which is what you complained about with the Switch’s portability. If you’re going to have a complaint, be consistent with it :)

                    3. After I just said I dont use the motion controls in the wii u gamepad and to stop being pedantic. I never used the sixaxis in the ps3 controller either. Stop the stupidity dude. You’re clearly biased.

                    4. I’m not the one giving a pass to one thing but complaining about that same thing for another.

                    5. No, youre taking shit. Id still buy the switch pro controller even though it has motion controls in it. We are talking about wasting money on a joy con controller and
                      an expensive screen.

                    6. Not a waste of money to people who care for portability. The grip that turns the Joy-Con into a more standard controller also comes with the console.

            1. You’re missing the point. It’s not about whether you have to use it as a consumer. It’s about the fact that developers must account for them when designing/porting a game to a Nintendo console, which is the reason these consoles have such a hard time attracting 3rd party developers. So what has happened is that, with their continued commitment to this “innovation” model, Nintendo has taken a small stable of IP (Mario/Zelda/etc.) and effectively locked them to a console that has very little else to offer.

              They have, by a HUGE margin, the best exclusive IP of all the major players. If they released a true current-gen analogue without any “innovative” wrenches thrown into the path of developers, I think they’d be back on top. Imagine that you’re choosing between three consoles (XBox, PS, Nintendo), and all three consoles were going to have almost the same game lineup (as XBox and PS have now), except one of them will also have Mario/Zelda/Donkey Kong etc. Which of those consoles would you choose? Instead, Nintendo’s obsession with innovation has alienated 3rd party developers and priced out a huge portion of their potential market.

        1. I get wt your saying but Nintendo trys to separate itself by being unique. They can add Blu-ray and make it a powerhouse but then you may as well just call it a ps4 or Xbox with Nintendo games on it. It’s a design choice they made based on the concept that they want to be different. Also, they mainly care for the Japanese where portable gaming is bigger than home gaming. They take lots of risks which I would like to see more companies do but I only think Nintendo being so well off from the Wii era can afford to risk it. They kept the console part there but had to sacrifice high end specs because there probly isn’t an affordable way to make a portable experience with ps4 level graphics (or higher) yet, correct me if I’m wrong.

          1. There’s one thing people need to accept about the Switch: it’s Nintendo’s admission that they can’t fully compete with a dedicated home console anymore. A PS4/XBO clone at this point would’ve been too little too late. The time for that was 2012 when they had a full year’s head start.

              1. Last time they tried was the GameCube. They made money but the PS2 destroyed it. Their handheld business is where it’s at and now it’s merged forever with home console.

                1. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4! Hopefully it will also await us at Nintendo Switch if Nintendo doesn't FUCK things up again!} says:

                  Nintendo didn’t fucking try to compete with the damn Gamecube. Small discs instead of regular discs like what PS2 was using. No CD/DVD player. Needed to buy an accessory to use internet. A design that made it look more like a toy box than an electronic video game system. Like with N64 which was also the strongest of it’s gen, Nintendo did every thing that made people ignore power for convenience which was what the PS2 was with it’s nearly all in one entertainment system. Power can’t do it all on it’s own. PS2 showed convenience beat power at that time. PS3 would have proven power AND convenience was the best way to go to be on top but then Nintendo got lucky with the Wii. It gave us Nintendo fans a false sense of security that Nintendo doesn’t need power to be the best. Then Wii U came & showed us how blinded we were by the Wii’s selling power. Sadly, it seems the Switch has reblinded some of you as some of you have gone full fanboy mode with the Switch. Hopefully it didn’t blind Nintendo, though. Hopefully the Switch is just Nintendo taking one step closer to finally, truly competing with the competition. Hopefully the next Nintendo system has power, portability, AND convenience! Otherwise, the Switch sadly might just be another Wii: pure dumb luck.

          2. I do agree, the Japanese culture plays a big role. I’m sure many of them over there get a PS4 and Nintendo and that pretty much covers them. Nintendo does cater very well to the more densely populated, Japanese territories.

    3. 1. Microsoft is the most anti consumer of the lot.
      2.”Normal” consoles are losing their way.

      In order to survive in a world where Apple is having you for breakfast you need to think outside the box.

      As much as you purists don’t like to hear it there are bigger markets out there than just the traditional controller anymore. Of course that doesn’t mean the controller has no market but the point is you have to accept this as the way forward or you’ll end up without a hobby.

        1. You are a liar lol If Sony comes out and says the Ps5 will be a hybrid you would buy it garanteed, The gap between Mobile and Desktop/Home Device is getting smaller by the month, in 5-10 years there will be no need for pure home consoles hell even Desktop PCs are losing ground to high end Tablets

    4. Those days are over. Nintendo will never get the major 3rd party games on their consoles anymore. And honestly, once you come to terms with this, it’s ok.

      Nintendo is branching away from main stream gaming. Sony and Microsoft going one direction, Nintendo going another. Once you accept this you can really appreciate Nintendo a lot more for what they are doing. Sony and Microsoft are going toward the inevitable future of PC gaming. The PS5 will practically be a PC without a screen. Nintendo is trying to innovate and stay in the console division.

      I think it will take time for people to come to terms with this. But when everyone finally does I think Nintendo will be appreciated a lot more.

    5. I don’t really care about South Park games, but I get what you’re saying. I guess it was a pipe dream to think that Nintendo would make a more powerful system than the PS4. Why does Nintendo value hardware gimmicks over powerful systems that can play pretty much any current-gen game. If the Switch was 100% perfect, we could’ve gotten Sonic Generations, Sonic 4: Episode II, Ratchet & Clank (2016), Unravel, 3D Dot Heroes, Ultra Street Fighter IV, Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite, Ni no Kuni, Fez, J-Stars Victory Vs., just to name a few.

  3. Wow, that really is a shame, because it would’ve looked and played perfectly on the Switch. Oh well, I mean they could change their minds if they get a dev kit but, I know I am asking for too much

  4. I wonder why there hasn’t been any Simpsons games in so long? I haven’t seen any since the release of The Simpsons Game in 2007. Though, in my opinion, The Simpsons died when they made the STUPID decision not to release any further DVD Box Sets. My collection will never be complete now. : (

    I’m surprised South Park has stayed on the air for so long, with all of the terrible, offensive and raunchy stuff they show. I can’t believe what that show gets away with.

    1. ||Despite their utter primitive nature, South Park is one of the very few examples amongst your species where they try to show just how utterly insignificant anything and everything you all take so seriously really is…||

      ||So in other words it’s still going because they include every group they can think of, even themselves…||

  5. The stick of truth was great lol never finished it but oh well South Park on the switch would have been a nice surprise. But it just means I’ll be skipping it

  6. Studios have had a bad habit since the Wii of saying how it is “possible” certain games will come to Nintendo platforms, knowing full-well that there is 0 possibility that it will actually happen. It’s very frustrating.

    1. ||Except South Park is very compatible with the Switch, they are just Xbot allies, that’s why…||

  7. I’m not surprised at all. I love NIntendo(and my Switch) but they’ll never allow something as vulgar as South Park, or Grand Theft Auto on one of their current machines. It’s really as simple as that. And please to say “What about the South Park on N64, or China Town Wars?”. Not the same thing at all.

    1. Especially with Nintendo’s recent stands on adult content, such as financing Bayonetta extensively, I don’t think the content is the problem. As far as GTA, that is totally in Rockstar’s court. And Southpark is no different. It is the publisher that controls the platform.

    2. … That explains Bayonetta, No More Heroes, Madworld, Conduit, Call of Duty, Skyrim, GTA ChinaTown Wars (Which is the same as it’s based off the older games which you kids don’t know about) and so on… just pointing those out there.

      Nintendo over the years has started to come round, hell, Binding of Isaac is coming to the Switch and it was on Wii U and 3DS.

  8. Yet Mortal Kombat became great thanks to the Snes, we had games like Manhunt 2, Madworld I suppose they weren’t Vulgar or Violent? And how about Games like Turok, Killer Instinct, Resident Evil or Goldeneye and Perfect Dark that made console shooters what they are today? Probally loads more that I can’t think of right now. We also had loads of fighting side scrollers like double dragon, Streets of Rage and so on where you could stab people to dead or bash there brains out with a baseball bat so yeah times used be allot different for Nintendo, specially in the 90’s

    1. ||High Command should triple their resources on funding rare third class weaponry just like they did with Beyonetta…||

      ||If we have such exclusive superiority, then many doubts would be subdued…||

      1. I completely agree, Commander. Heck, Bayonetta is practically a Nintendo property already. Buy it outright. Bayonetta 2 was an incredible game by any measure. I’d be thrilled to see Bayonetta 3 on Switch.

  9. The game was probably long in development well before the Switch was even out but that’s not to say that a late port couldn’t come to the system in the near future. A South Park game launching on the Switch at the same time as the other versions would’ve been nice but it isn’t the end of the world. If the Switch ends up being a breakaway success I’m pretty damn sure a late port will happen

    1. ||The only thing I want at this moment concerning third class weaponry, is a Director’s Cut of Mankind Divided…||

  10. I think consumers, and Nintendo, need to accept the fact that a Nintendo console should be seen as secondary and complimentary. You want 3rd party, an online infrastructure, etc.? Get a PS4 Xbone, and/or PC. You want Nintendo games? Get a Nintendo console. But if that’s the case, then Nintendo should drop the “new gameplay controls” bullshit and give us a solid system with a “normal” controller where we can play Nintendo games in HD, drop the price a bit, and just put great games out on it. I think that is the most optimal route for success for them. But Nintendo is stubborn and dense in a lot of ways, so it’ll never happen.

    1. You are very ignorant to assume everybody plays third party games first and Nintendo second.

      Nintendo’s quality is so above everybody else that I haven’t upgraded to a PS4 or XBone yet.

      1. I’m not saying that – although based on sales data for games, it’s probably more true than you think. You seem to have misinterpreted the “secondary/complimentary” comment. Simply because some would call their Nintendo console a secondary console (or COMPLIMENTARY – look up the definition, please….) doesn’t mean they choose third party games over Nintendo games like they’re rating them 1st and then 2nd. It simply means they use the Nintendo console solely for Nintendo games. In many cases, that could mean someone buys a Nintendo game over another third party game first – or, yes, it could mean that they choose to play the 3rd party game over a Nintendo game first. Some people do that. Duh. But in the overall scheme of things, because Nintendo’s 3rd party support (and online infrastructure…) are so weak, they’ll use the other consoles for those features, as well as a number of Sony/Microsoft exclusives that they can’t get on a Nintendo console. You’re trying to apply an arbitrary ranking system as a generalization based on my words, where there is none, at least not from me.

        I’m also not slamming Nintendo’s quality with games. They know how to make good games, I don’t deny this. Your comment regarding this is superfluous and has no relevance to the point I’m making. Please don’t put words into my mouth simply because you applied some different interpretation to what I said.

  11. I am stunned even this game does not come to switch. This could be an awesome handheld game.

    Unbelievable! Not onoy Nintendo is to blame here. The gameworld has become a 2nd football world. It is all about the money and the money only.


  12. I don’t get these comments. Steep, a much more graphically intensive game will be released on the Switch, made by Ubisoft. Power is not the issue here.

  13. South Park Twitter: “Nin-ten-do. I’m coming. I’m coming, Nin-ten-do #blizzard2017″
    Me: OHBOYOHBOYOHBOYOHBOY!!! We’re getting South Park: The Fractured but Whole for the swit-”
    news reports: “South Park: The Fractured but Whole will NOT be coming to the switch.”
    Me: COCK-TEASE!!!

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