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Reports Suggesting The Nintendo Switch Is Melting SD Cards Are Appearing Online – Faulty Batch Of SD Cards To Blame

There are some reports appearing online that suggest that Nintendo’s new console is overheating and melting SD cards. Further investigation however debunks this theory and highlights that the problem actually lies with a faulty batch of SD cards being sold via online retailer Amazon and not the Nintendo Switch itself.

Some consumers are taking it upon themselves to write up reviews which clearly indicate that the issue is with the SD card with some individuals pointing out that the SD card took a turn for the worse when used in their laptop.

The problem isn’t going unnoticed as SanDisk are keen to reply to product reviews rather quickly with the following generic message:

We are sorry to hear about the issue that you have faced while using the card with your laptop . We would request you to please not to use this card on any device SanDisk® stands behind its commitment to quality and warranty on its products. We recommend that you contact SanDisk® support at 1-866-SANDISK or submit a support request at The manufacturer warranty on brand new products extends beyond the 30 day return period. We will assist you towards the best resolution even a possible warranty replacement if required.

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  1. It’s not the Switch. This was debunked in that EXACT tweet’s comment section. Those SD cards had a fault, and they have melted in other devices. Sandisk is replacing the guy’s SD card

  2. Even if it were not debunked already.
    If the Switch was melting SD cards, then I’m pretty sure it would melt itself as well…

  3. Yup can’t get any more clickbaitier than this lol “when you write a headline and immediately discredit your own headline in the description” lmao

      1. Thanks for the quick fix just tryna keep this site from sinking down to the level of some of those other sites out there that shall not be named xp

  4. Nintenmau5 must be a witch! Burn him! To the wicker Man!

    Seriously. He’s been a decent addition to this circus, does he really deserve to be jammed with the “clickbait” Pitchfork? Sure we get a couple of charged particles now and then, but this site has never been click baity.

    1. It won’t. My SD card never melted in my Wii U. Course, mine was the one designed solely for the original Wii, so I’ve had it quite a while. And, it still works. Anyways, if you’re trying to make people scared that the Switch will fail, THEN DON’T! CAUSE IT ISN’T NICE!

  5. That’s weird. I wonder what kind of manufacturing defect gives a plastic a really low melting point. Maybe the issue is a little bit of a. Issue on both ends? Anybody ever here of this happening in other devices?

  6. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4! Hopefully it will also await us at Nintendo Switch if Nintendo doesn't FUCK things up again!} says:

    So it’s just SanDisk? Glad I had no intention of getting a Micro SD Card from them then. Still on the fence about going digital with Switch, though.

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