‘Big’ Super Mario Run Update 2.0 Promises New Features, Additional Characters And More

With recent news that Super Mario Run launching on Android, Nintendo have also noted that a big update for the mobile game is on its way too. By updating to version 2.0, players will have access to new features which will hopefully revitalise gameplay for fans who have rinsed the title and looking for something new. Additional characters to run with along with more playable levels for the free version are the ones Nintendo have highlighted. We’re still waiting on a release date for the update.

Take a look at the screen shot below:


Personally, I’d love to see Petey Piranha join the roster!



  1. Don’t get too excited, mates. The new characters are just a bunch of bloody Yoshi recolors. I’ve seen the Japanese Tweet, saves you the disappointment that I already have.

        1. Yay, let’s play as a bunch of shitty recolors.

          Why not throw fucking Metal Mario and Pink Gold Peach to rub more salt in the wound?

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