Super Mario Run Is Now Available On Android

If you want to get Super Mario Run on your Android device, you can! The game recently went live on Google Play, and it’s available on its official page there. In fact, the game was released a day sooner than expected, so you didn’t have to wait as long for the game to release. If you want to, you can get the game right here. You will need to have Android versions 4.2 and up if you want the game to work properly.



  1. I thought about getting this.

    Then decided it would be more fun to roll a $10 bill and smoke it. :D

  2. }{ Honestly, I’m not terribly impressed… It’s not a bad game, but if I’m going to have to wait several months after most people have played it to try it, it’d better be the best thing since sliced bread… }{

      1. }{ I do not support Apple, as they have yet to give me the diamond encrusted unicorn that I so clearly pay for when purchasing one of their products… Also, to say I am evil shows a lack of understanding… Fear not peasant… Soon you shall all be enlightened… }{

  3. Sorry but too late, too little…
    I’m boycotting Super Mario Run on Android, simply because I don’t support their stupid paid iOS exclusivity strategy. They totally lost me as a customer for SMR with that.

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