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Minecraft: Story Mode – The Complete Adventure On Nintendo Switch Is $10 More Expensive Than Other Versions

Nintendo Switch games seem to be attracting a higher price point compared to the equivalents on Xbox One, PS4 and Wii U and it would seem the latest Minecraft game reiterates this notion. Minecraft : Story Mode – The Complete Adventure on Nintendo Switch is the most expensive version of the game costing consumers an extra $10. The title is $40 on the Switch and only $30 on the other systems.

Although there is no clear-cut reason as to why this is now the second game to be pricier on Switch (the other was RIME) but developer Grey Box recently blamed it on heftier development and publishing costs for Nintendo Switch.



    1. You have to keep in mind that to larger companies such as Warner Bros., they can easily shrug off this extra cost. Smaller companies don’t have the funds to do the same.

  1. Why?? How is it more expensive to work on when the everyone complained about how hard it is to develop for the Wii U but still maintained the price? I get that there are cartridge issues, but it cant really cost that much more to produce and publish on a cartridge can it? the digital release isn’t gonna be $40 as well is it?

  2. I honestly think the ones who are going pricier are doing so just to have a “reason” for not supporting the Switch later when their games don’t sell.

  3. I honestly think they are just taking advantage of new switch owners. The fact that they don’t comment on it or give vague responses is proof enough. It’s just ridiculous and companies need to start explaining the reasoning for this or there will be lots of unhappy customers out there lol

  4. This is absolutely ridiculous. What is their excuse? From everything we’ve heard devepment on the Switch is rediculously easy, so they can’t pull that. Cartridges are a tiny bit more expensive to produce, but not enough to charge 10 freaking dollars more! People need to get their act together!

    1. ||Xbots and their allied have nothing but their agenda to push…||

        1. Perhaps the additional costs are tied to cartridge production. Flash RAM ain’t cheap.

          And I heard the industry prices physical and digital copies identically, therefore raising the price on digital copies, because of the more expensive physical (cartridge) copies!


          1. Flash RAM is cheap and easy to mass produce. To produce them It still costs more than discs, but its the difference of cents rather than dollars. Much like HDMI cables their prices are inflated only at consumer levels.

  5. Once thing that I noticed is the first game that was going to be more on Switch then elsewhere was PuyoPuyo Tetris was listed for $39.99 on Switch and $29.99 for PS4. Now, it’s listed for $29.99 on Nintendo’s site. Amazon and Best Buy still show $39.99, but I’m thinking that might just have been a placeholder. Maybe this game will end up less too.

  6. when there is such a small selection to choose from they can use that as leverage and ask any price they want. i mean, look at what Konami wants for Bomberman. or even Nintendo is asking way too much for 1-2 Switch. We’ll pay just to have content.

    1. I’m about 80 hours into BotW and there’s still so much I have to do. I’ve got plenty of content to keep me busy especially because I can’t play as much as I’d like to due to work.

  7. The real reason is to take advantage of those stupid enough to buy it at that price, and then lower it once sales slow

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