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Nintendo Switch Games Can Offer Vertical Mode

Developers have the option of including a vertical mode in their Nintendo Switch games. The mode is offered in the first batch of Neo Geo titles released on the console, as shown in the image below with Neo Turf Masters, which is now available for download via the Nintendo eShop. While most players might not to prefer to play this way with this particular title, future releases may be built with the vertical mode option in mind.



  1. Is it really that it supports a vertical mode or is it just that the devs are rendering it sideways? That would be just as possible on the Wii U gamepad.

    1. I second this. pretty sure they’re just drawing sideways using their own code and not making use of some built-in rotation functionality of the Switch OS.
      But bringing this up is still interesting, as people everywhere here noted;
      A sideways Switch is pretty much a perfect portable vertical screen shmup cabinet, and the controls are in the right place to boot.

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