US: Nintendo Accepts Real Life Cow Milking Session From Farm Museum

In a very random turn of events, Nintendo today accepted an invitation from Billings Farm & Museum to join them for a real life cow milking session. The reason being, according to the Billings Farm & Museum in Vermont, is because they want to school Nintendo after the launch of 1-2-Switch. They invited them via Facebook and the post quickly gained traction with Nintendo swiftly re-posting their invitation and accepting their rather obscure challenge. The museum boasts about how quick they are at milking compared to the videos shown by Nintendo.

Billings Farm & Museum published the following picture:


You can view the exchange on Nintendo’s official Facebook account here.



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  1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis says:

    ||The cattle wants to pretend they are intelligent, how amusing…||

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  2. greendog3 says:



  3. They ruined the perfect “Is your body ready” opportunity at the end.

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  4. Darknova3529 says:

    you guys better show reggie milking a cow then


  5. jon3s115 says:

    oh boy… this is gonna be weird

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  6. 狐ちゃん says:

    Plottwist: They show Nintendo F-Zero and Metroid game prototypes to prove they are better at milking Nintendo’s IPs

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  7. lol Vermont must do something right, because their cheddar cheese is the best.


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