Nintendo Switch

Digitimes Claims That Nintendo Expects To Ship 20 Million Switch Units In First Year

Digitimes, which isn’t always the most reliable source, are reporting that Nintendo is expecting to ship twenty million Nintendo Switch consoles during its first year on sale. The news was obtained by the publication from a Taiwan-based supply chain maker. The same site says that Nintendo president Kimishima Tatsumi has said he expects Nintendo Switch overall sales to hit 110 million units.




    1. Well it’ll have all of Nintendo’s games on it plus the third parties that always supported handhelds.

      It’ll do fine. Many times better than Wii U at least.

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    2. If after E3 we don’t have many 3rd party games announced, then I will start to worry. Surprises are not only good to Nintendo, but to the 3rd party developers as well, it might increase the hype for their titles if they announce it big.

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  1. Lol yeah no. Nintendo just upped their Switch production from 8 mil to 16 mil for the 2017-2018 financial year. How can they expect to ship 20 million when they’re only planning to produce 16 million?

    Also, the source article claims that Sony is expected to release a thinner version of the PS4 later this year; a year after they released the PS4 Slim. Sure.

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      1. It could happen, just not now. The Super Slim came out 3 years after the Slim model and served the purpose of allowing Sony to discontinue all previous iterations. They’re not gonna release a new slim model a year after they released two new models.


    1. Lol yea there’s no way this is valid with the other claims of doubling production to 16 million. Even if it was they would need some really good games to be shown at E3 to make this happen. I didn’t click on the source but yea Sony is definitely not releasing another console until ps5


  2. No at least not with everyhing I know about the systems line up for this year right now. Maybe if they have many suprises left like Twilight Princess HD, Majoras Mask HD, Smash 4.5, Pikmin 4, Monster Hunter Switch, Pokemon for Switch, Mario Maker port, the new Mario Odyssey game recieves 10/10 hype as well and they are able to release Xenoblade Chronicles 2 this year,

    But…that… is not going to happen.


  3. Nintendo needs to make this console last at least 6 years, eventually with ‘pocket’ versions and the likes. They need a long time to cement trust from consumers and third parties after the failing Wii U that everyone should forget about.
    No more failures from Nintendo, and third parties will jump on its next console from the start.
    ‘It prints money’, that must be in the head of all people. 6 years.


      1. They were good but not memorable, GC had definitely better games, Wii too. It was a great commercial failure, something to forget for the next 10 years.


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