Video: Here’s A Look At Radiant Historia Perfect Chronology

Atlus showcased the long-awaited Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology during a livestream earlier today. The game is a complete remake of the acclaimed Nintendo DS RPG and naturally features new visuals and game systems. There’s also a new character featured called Nemesia. Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology releases in Japan on June 29th and you can check out the trailer, below.



  1. Cool.
    Maybe it’s about time for Nintendo to consolidate. Leave third parties games and buy companies instead.
    Begin with Atlus and NIS, enough quotes to gain platform exclusivity from these companies should do.

    1. yeah its time for Nintendo to just buy these fairly successful and large companies so they can make way less money being first party as they do being third party. you make it seem so laughably easy.

      1. You are wrong. What do you think that was Rare? It was a ZX Spectrum developer that became gigantic under Nintendo. Square? Etc.
        Exclusivity does not mean ‘less money’ (at all!) if the platform is successful, look at Square with Sony, etc.
        Actually people do like to buy exclusive games for their platform of choice.
        SEGA went multiplatform but made the real money on Nintendo platforms (Wii/DS), etc.
        If the platform is successful exclusivity is highly sustainable.

        1. There’s also a political aspect that prevents this sort of action. It would severely damage the relationships of the companies affected. Imagine if Nintendo tried to buy Atlus. Do you really think Sony would just stand by and let that happen? They would go to war over it, and in the end nobody would really gain anything new from the exchange except barring out their opponent. This would just end in a domino affect of big companies trying to buy other third parties before their competitors do in order to secure certain franchises. Not really a good thing for the industry in general, that kind of business war usually ends up hurting consumers the most.

          1. Point is: Nintendo buy Atlus + NIS. Nintendo is sustainable even without third parties.
            Sony still king of third parties, it does not ‘need’ Atlus or NIS, they are a plus. Also Nintendo did sold Rare to Microsoft when they wanted so there is movement in the market without domino effects.
            Nintendo don’t lose Ubisoft and SEGA because they still make money with it. Ergo: Nintendo still likes royalties, third parties still like money. Atlus and NIS just make exclusive games for the platform for those who likes them (they are actually developing them, nothing changes except more focus on the platform).

            It’s just to have a richer plate for Nintendo, not that Atlus sells so big, still it produce quality gaming, as NIS.
            No one disapproved Nintendo when it had Square + Rare Game Freak. Now it owns just Retro and Game Freak.

            With half a billion investment (they have it) they could even say farewell to third parties buy buying more companies, they can’t rely forever on third parties, competition from Sony and Microsoft (and PC) isn’t appealing, they target those platforms first and foremost.
            If they want to change with the whole hybrid argument they can be pretty bold too.

        2. the “real money”< the max amount of money that can be made(by the way a majority of sega's profit comes from their pachinko/gambling machines and football manager, so that statement is just factually wrong). no fairly successful and large 3rd party developer would make an overall higher profit by going first party. why would they willingly take their success and tie it to another companies success? exclusivity means a smaller marketbase and therefore less money, if a company can sustain their own development (which is not the case for certain square contracts) there is literally never a reason to go 1st party. Also square has zero current high value exclusives with sony, do you know why? because money……

          1. Are you joking? Football Manager sells 1 million pieces per year (and on PC!).
            The hardware part means nothing to the discussion since we are talking about console market.

            Exclusivity on 60/80 million hardware sales means ‘intelligence’. Means all people that likes your games will get your games on their platform (that will buy eventually for it). Maans building a userbase, a following.
            Means that Nintendo can move 10 million pieces per game -> userbase/following.

      1. Yeah, I doubt SEGA will let them go easily (well, who knows… Rare was Nintendo’s company before). That’s unfortunate, I like Atlus. Well, there are other fishes in the sea.
        Half billion for Capcom? ^^

  2. OK. Let me set some of your boys and girls straight. Rare was never owned by Nintendo. It was a second-party developer. Nintendo did not willingly give Rare away, but they also did not heavily resist Microsoft’s purchase of Rare. Needless to say, Microsoft literally killed Rare to the point that all of the original talent was either fired or quit. Playtonic is the successor to Rare with a large portion of Rare’s former talent.

    I wouldn’t be against a Nintendo purchase of Playtonic, but why do they have to purchase them if they are doing well financially and put their games on Nintendo systems? I’d also be for a Nintendo purchase of Yacht Club Games, but the same question applies.

    Bizarrely, I actually think it makes more sense to buy at least a portion of SEGA. Maybe strip it of its Video game departments and let it keep it pachinko and other assets. The same could be said of Konami. Buy their gaming IP and let them live with their choice to chase Pachinko. But there might be a culture clash if Konami were to merge with anyone.

  3. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4! Hopefully it will also await us at Nintendo Switch if Nintendo doesn't FUCK things up again!} says:

    Raynie is the girl in blue’s name? Lovely name to go with such a nice body… err… I meant outfit. Yeah. Her outfit is cute. *does shifty eyes then runs away*

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