Splatoon 2 Won’t Use Much Data If You Play Online Via A Smart Phone Hotspot

Splatoon 2 looks to only use a small amount of data if you choose to battle it out online using your smart phone as a hotspot, according to website Venturebeat. During an hours play of the Testfire this weekend, Splatoon 2 only drank a mere 150mb worth of data. They explain that gameplay was smooth and their experience wasn’t impacted which is promising for those who just can’t wait to hook up to Wi-Fi. The test was conducted using T-Mobile LTE.

Can you see yourself splatting other players using a hotspot given that the data usage is relatively low?



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  1. FlazeProevo says:

    that’s cool but…muh data!


  2. darthchrisb says:

    150MB is alot! That’s close to the limit of what you can do in online gaming! The bandwidth that you can work with in online gaming is around 50KB per second, that’s 180MB per hour.

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    1. Agato says:

      You are right, if that’s is as low it can go it’s a ridicolous statement. It’s high data usage.


  3. Sleepy says:

    150mb an hour isn’t even remotely low lol

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    1. foxmulder900 says:

      I’d say it is for a full fledged online game. It’s not Candy Crush ya know


    2. Read news properly:
      “During an hours play of the Testfire this weekend, Splatoon 2 only drank a mere 150mb”
      There were 6 session for 1 hour. Around 25mb in 1 hour.


  4. gamelall123 says:

    Man you guys really need to switch to T-Mobile. We have a 3 line plan with unlimited everything which includes truly unlimited 4G LTE data and 15GB of mobile hotspot data for just $100 per month. Love me some T-Mobile

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      1. vbgenechten says:

        Glove and Boots! Instant like for you sir!


    1. shinygold2 says:

      We’ve got a shill here.


    2. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis says:

      ||We don’t need any T-Phonies in here…||


      1. T-Phonies rank where with the Sonians and Xbots, Commander?


        1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis says:

          ||Nowhere because they are irrelevant and aren’t even living in our universe…||


          1. I learn something new every day!


  5. RidleySlayer says:

    Does the fact that this was a testfire and not the full game change anything?


    1. my line is $35/month for 3 gigs so i dont see how 3 lines with 15 gigs for 100$ isnt a deal


      1. gamelall123 says:

        Exactly and the 15GB of LTE data is for using tour phone as a hotspot to connect other devices like laptops and so on on the go. If you’re using data directly on the 3 lines then it’s completely unlimited 4G LTE. No data caps or slow downs. All for just $100 per month.


    2. gamelall123 says:

      $100 per for 3 lines with unlimited everything, including truly unlimited 4G LTE data and 15GB of 4G LTE hotspot is not a great price? What world are you living in?


  6. nintandrew says:

    So glad I still have my grandfathered 6GB for $20/mo. plan.

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    1. durchburch says:

      You are lucky af.


  7. sonofmrpeanut says:

    Theoretical Math Time

    In this scenario, all of your mobile data is used for playing Switch online. It’s not the reality, but it will work for the purposes of our examples here.

    150MB translates to .15GB.

    On a group plan with 3 phones, providing a combined 24GB/month (each phone adding 8GB), this results in 160 hours of playtime.

    For a single-phone plan with 8GB/month of mobile data, this would give the player approximately 53 hours of playtime. If that same plan was 2GB/month, then that person would only have around 13 hours at their disposal.

    Again, this is a purely hypothetical scenario, and other things would eat into data. Nevertheless, this can give you an idea of whether or not Tether-Gaming on Switch is right for you.


    1. News says:
      “During an hours play of the Testfire this weekend, Splatoon 2 only drank a mere 150mb”
      150mb not equally 1 hour. On this weekend were 6 sessions on 1 hour each. I’m think 1 hour equal ~25mb.


      1. sonofmrpeanut says:

        Again, hypothetical scenario. Other stuff will cut into data, and not all of the hour will be spent playing matches. What you see above is a rough estimate meant to help someone decide if tether-play will be viable for them.


  8. cloud8521 says:

    400Kbits makes sense, a bit more than most online games, but this has to keep track of a LOT more data then most online games, sure there are only 8 players and a 64 player server on PC will use less data, but this game has to keep track of the stat of the field itself.


  9. petric22 says:

    Did not have time to test my phone connection during testfire.
    But I will when mk8 hits the system.
    Have unlimited data 50Mbps connection.


  10. holonboy says:

    To clarify the source, the user used 153 MB (or 1224 Mb or 1.224 Gb, which is what most data plans are tracked in; one byte (capital B) is 8 bits (lowercase b)) in that one hour’s worth of play (just one hour, not all six).

    It’s not a lot assuming you’re at home using a wifi or Ethernet connection, which multiplayer games like this is intended for, but if you’re playing on the go and relying on a non-unlimited data plan, this game can be draining.


  11. tomrambles says:

    I get 20gb a month so I am ALL over this 😁

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    1. NintenMau5 says:

      Jeez… who are you with?!


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