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Video: Here’s A Look At Some Of The Different Vehicles In LEGO City Undercover

LEGO City Undercover’s release date is approaching soon so it seems fitting that Warner Bros has released a brand new trailer for the game. The latest video takes a look at some of the LEGO based vehicles you will have at your disposal as you play through the game. There’s more than 100 types to choose from so the choice is yours. LEGO City Undercover arrives on the Nintendo Switch on April 7th in the United Kingdom.

6 thoughts on “Video: Here’s A Look At Some Of The Different Vehicles In LEGO City Undercover”

  1. Can anyone recommend this game? Is it worth? Can I also enjoy the side activities and rich open world along with story?

      1. Thanks, nice review you have there :) I guess I’ll eventually get the game, but I’ll probably wait for a while and get something less expensive to play on Switch once I finish Zelda

  2. Now, mind you that I was 12 when I played it, but I can certainly say that I found it to be an excellent game. While there aren’t exactly sidequests, there are a ton of collectibles and similar objectives in the game; basically, it’s a collect-a-thon. Note that parts of the world won’t open up until you advance far enough into the story. The main story is also enjoyable, and the writing is very witty (though again, that’s a twelve-year-old’s perspective). All in all, it’s an excellent game that I’d recommend to any Switch owner who’s yet to play it, though it may be wise to wait for the inevitable price drop that all Lego games get pretty quickly.

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