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Best Buy Restocking NES Classic And Nintendo Switch Today At Noon CT Online

Looking to get your hands on a new Nintendo Switch or a retro fuelled NES Classic Mini then you are in luck as Best Buy has announced it will have both systems available at noon CT. You will just need to head on over to the Best Buy website and place your order once the stock appears. Expect there to be a battle between genuine consumers and scalpers though.


13 thoughts on “Best Buy Restocking NES Classic And Nintendo Switch Today At Noon CT Online”

  1. This is BS. I starting refreshing the BB page for the NES Classic every 5 seconds starting just before noon. At 12:05 it showed up for sale and was already sold out as soon as I clicked on it…within 5 seconds of going on sale. People who buy from scalpers are dumb fucks that just hurt everyone else! These companies seriously need to enforce one unit per shipping address until there’s plenty of stock.

  2. That was like fighting a fucking marlin. I stuggled with the website for 45 minutes. The site showed my cart as having one, then said it was empty, then at one point said it had three; back and forth. I got to the final order verification page twice, before my cart was finally forcefully emptied and the item became unavailable.

    Oh well, I’ll try again on Monday.

  3. Odd, but worth a mention. 3rd party Sellers on Amazon have the switch for 150.00. Wondering if these have some kind of defect or if scalpers just want it off their hands at any cost now. They also have people selling the Pro Controller for like $8.80. something has to be up, else they’re really desperate.

    1. Be careful these could be scammers. I read an online article about this earlier tonight. I’d advise buying from third party sellers on Amazon. Just wait and get one at the normal price so you won’t regret it later if the console doesn’t actually show up.

    2. This is a complete scam. These sellers don’t have the products they’re selling. If you were to pay them whatever they’re asking, you won’t get anything in the mail. Then you complain to Amazon, Amazin refunds your money (which takes like two weeks), and the scammers get away with whatever you paid them.

      Just look out for any seller profiles that say “Just Launched” or have really bad reviews. These are the scammers.

  4. I just spent 45 minutes hitting the checkout button for it to say something went wrong or oops, were having an issue over and over again. then after 45 minutes of this BS it says this item is sold out come on. I swear im about to never buy another nintendo product again as they OBVIOUSLY dont understand supply and demand.

  5. Has anyone heard any official word from Nintendo (recently) about why they haven’t shipped more NES Classic Mini’s to stores by now? It’s crazy how long Nintendo is taking to ship more. By now, every store should have these in stock on a regular basis. Just like the Atari Flashbacks. I see those EVERYWHERE.

  6. Today I was struggling to get just one NES Classic for a good 45 minutes via the Best Buy site. I’ve seen Geocities that handle better traffic than Best Buy’s. I started refreshing right before 1pm(I’m in Michigan) and one finally appeared in my cart around 1:05pm. From there the site started dragging, with me have to refresh every sub-sequential page until it appeared without an error. I almost gave up several times, and I’m pretty sure my neighbors probably heard me venting my frustrations. Rest assured, I’m not a scalper. One of the reasons I was waiting outside a Gamestop at 5am for a Switch on January 13 was to prevent a repeat of the NES Classic scenario. Here I am, 6 months after it’s original release and it looks like I finally scored one. Godspeed.

  7. Nintendo purposefully holds back on meeting demand with their supply in order to drive up the inherent value for the product and for their brand by making it appear “rare” and “hard to find”. Par for the course for them.

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