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Insomniac Games Has “No Plans” To Bring Song Of The Deep To Nintendo Switch

You might not want to hold your breath for a Nintendo Switch version of Song of the Deep. Insomniac Games has confirmed that it has “no plans” to bring the title to Nintendo’s latest console. The developer hasn’t shared a reason for this decision, but stay tuned for any updates. Song of the Deep is described as a metroidvania-style action-adventure game that follows a young girl’s quest into the unknown to find her missing father. It was originally released in 2016 on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.



    1. Yes but I wouldn’t put too much interpretation into this. 1. It’s Twitter and due to the 140 letter limitation, some folks are used to keep their answers short and 2. Insomniac is quite a reknown studio that might shoot answers out on a regular basis and might not have the time to put more effort than necessary into writing them.

      Still kinda sad, would’ve been a very good fit and porting games like this one shouldn’t be so hard.

  1. It’s a meh 9 month old game. Was there suspicion that it might get ported? Just seems weird to even bother making an article on this lol

    1. Random people asking random devs about random game coming to a console counts as news.
      This happened lot with Wii u.
      Now we are only missing Phil fish asking Nintendo money to port his crap.

      If this is the way I first hear about a game, I doubt I was missing out anything special.

    2. It’s been well received by critics, though maybe sales are so low to make it unworthy for the developer to port over the Nintendo Switch.

        1. Don’t know about magazine reviews, I was just referring about Steam user reviews that are fairly positive. I check there for indies. :)

    3. You mean because all the other games on the Switch shine through their originality and exclusivity?
      Next to World of Goo this game seems brandnew to me.

  2. ||The Insomniacs are enemies of The First Order and will be destroyed along with their infected Xbot virus…||

    1. Don’t worry, Destiny 2 will not come out for the Switch anyways.
      I don’t see why it should. Of course it would be nice, but it wouldn’t really sell any good. If someone would like to play that game, he/she would be more likely to buy it for PC, PS4 or even XBox One. Nintendo’s Onlineplan is very weird and doesn’t give a huge studio any confidence that would motivate them to port a multimillion dollar production to that system.

      If it comes, then only because Nintendo would have approached Bungie/Activision and made them do it, like they did with Skyrim. But unlike Skyrim, that franchise isn’t so fitting and it has yet to be proven how online games do on the switch in general. Because the Switch’s online performance/experience might also vary all the time due to it being a handheld as well. Might not play a big role with games like Mario Kart, but could be with a game like this one.

      1. And also the fact that Destiny 2 wouldn’t run very well on the Switch. It would be plagued with frame rate issues and it would have the lowest resolution.

    2. Most people have already come to the conclusion that the Switch will not be getting the big AAA 3rd party games that ps4 and X1 get. And I honestly don’t think it matters anymore. People want to buy the Switch for what it is and what it can do. Believe it or not the idea of a console/handheld hybrid has really caught on with the general public.

  3. Their loss, definitely. That’s the kind of game that would sell nothing on an Xbox and tons on a portable.
    Bad decision, maybe they got harassed by Nintendo. ^^

    1. or they just got their focus on something completely different right now and thanks to the WiiU, Nintendo wasn’t really on their radar. And maybe in half a year or so, they might see how well the Switch performs, talk with other devs at some expo or so about how easy it is to port stuff onto the Switch and then consider doing it.

      Not everything you read on twitter has to be as aggressive as some ppl want it to be.

      1. It’s what I was saying, they eventually don’t care about that game because eventually it’s already been a commercial failure.
        Maybe they will still port it in the future. I see it profitable on a portable like the Nintendo Switch, while I don’t see how it should be interesting for a userbase like the XB1’s.

        1. Ah ok, misunderstood you and agree.
          I personally would be quite interested in buying this as it looks quite nice but as you said, way more likely on the Switch than for example on my PS4 or even the PC.

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