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The Newest Addition To Splatoon 2 Is Li’l Judd

You may have noticed another adorable fuzzy cat along side Judd in the recent Splatoon 2 Global Testfire, but at the time he hadn’t been introduced properly.

The team over at Inkopolis News have confirmed that his name is Li’l Judd. You’ll find him along side Judd announcing the final scores after each round in Splatoon 2. You can see him in the Tweet below:


  1. ||Good, the more cats the better as cats are the highest life-forms on this planet…||

          1. ||Consumed him and made him a Darkling obviously but that was long ago…||

            ||Ma’at belonged to the Light, we cannot consume pure Light unless the Emperor does it himself…||

      1. ||Moderate rank but are severely diminished because of their dependence and enslavement by humans…||

        1. Lol this is the same brainwash dude that said Zelda games are for kids I realize why you said that about splatoon because you’ll probably be a noob and get rekt tons times grow up and be a man you can play anything you want stop trying to be a selective snob and get off the site if your going to rant on every page newsflash there are tons of people that play Xbox PlayStation and Nintendo together and they don’t give a ship about what you say

          1. Zelda games are for kids..AND breath of the wild is EVEN MORE for Kids…stay to reality
            i wonder what kind of people Playing this Zelda breath of the wild game…man…Horizon is much better with much more realistic physics..than zelda..A real game for grow up People

              1. Stay to reality = Dont Put Zelda as some kind of a adault game or a good game it deserves at the best 4/10
                while Horizon is 97/100 very easy..Also Nintendo is very Lazy even to put some more realistic environment with
                with realistic phisics Like Horizon have.. !!can you even cut any tree on Zelda?i doupt

                1. Lol yes. Yes you can. Man I would love to spend just 10 minutes with you in person. I don’t know if you’re really that unfamiliar with Zelda or if you’re just being willfully ignorant for the sake of trolling, but either way, you deserve to be studied.

                  1. studied ? For Zelda?
                    1) Same exacly Story the last 30 years Save Zelda Kill Ganon!!?!!
                    2) Supposed to Be the biggest open world game yet is failing to have Enemies in the game..So big game and how many different enemies you have .10? all you find is these goblins to kill and they are also very easy !!?!!
                    3) Full easy puzzles for kids well that make sense is a game for kids..!!?!!
                    4)Main story very small and the dungeons by far more easy for casuals or kids..well that make sense again !!?!!
                    5) Frame rate issues…many many times !!?!!
                    6) Bad outdated graphics even worse acting !!?!!
                    7)900p 20fps for 2017 on the New System? jesus !!?!!
                    You want more? it took me 3mins to be studied by me go play Zelda now and im going to Play ZeldHh Horiozon also !!?!!


                1. You watched someone play it? So you’re a fraud, not having actually played it. No wonder you’re deluded. Grow a pair and actually play Breath of the Wild- if you play it like you try to troll here, you’ll get your ass handed to you before you even complete a shrine.

                  1. i cant complete all 30-32 shrines on the game with my eyes closed…and without hands dude..i play dark souls you think i will afraid to clear 100% this easy game? i bet i can do it in less than 5hours

                    1. “Can’t,” huh? At least you admit it. Too bad you also can’t admit how hopelessly wrong you are in your numbers of what the game holds.

            1. Breath of The Wild is one of the darkest Zeldas I’ve played. Maybe even darker than Twilight Princess. Link and his whole crew die after facing Ganon. I’ve completed the game, every shrine quest, side quest, equipment sets, horse gear etc…. there’s no fkn way a kid could figure out half the shit I had to. Some of the best secrets are in BOTW. Not like you’ve ever picked it up and played it though, that would make too much sense.

              1. I cant imagine someone Brutal scary and hardcore man like my self to play this easy pizi brizi game Named Zelda..dude.most.cartoon graphics makes this Zelda Most Dark Zelda?WOW stop trolling..

                1. If you hate it so much, then why did you even bother to play it? Also, there’s WAYYYY more shrines than just 30-32. Oh wait, you’re probably gonna brag that you got all 900-something Korok seeds, aren’t you?

        2. “Brutal overpowered and very scary man” lol! That actually made me laugh. Thank you lol.

          I play Dark Souls AND Splatoon! And any game that I find fun. I know you’re just trolling, but that’s what gamers should do. Play whatever interests you.

          1. Well ofc you play also dark souls because Kids these days want to grow up faster..
            What time you playing dark souls when your parents going for work?:D
            Some day you will grow up as a adult and you see these kiddie games and you will understand

              1. Oh nice i will traslate it so the other people can understand
                Megamandied said: Splatoon is a Boring game for kids with cartoon graphics for kids again
                And Zelda is…even worse….and you like CoD More VS Splatoon and Horizon More vs Zelda

                Hey brother !! we share the same philosophy !! We can be friends maybe!!

    1. You think just because you’re 12 now, it makes you so much more grown up than the six-year-olds? At least the six-year-olds know how to have fun.

  2. Thanos Vasilou man you must be great at parties I can see people laughing at you already ready when your trying to pretend to be hardcore gamer and edgey seems to me a lot gamers are claiming to be edgey let me guess thanos your firs time game was cod

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