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Pokémon GO Gets The BAFTA Games Mobile Award

The 13th Annual British Academy Video Game Awards, also known as the BAFTA Games Awards are taking place as we speak, and Pokémon GO has been given the Mobile Award.

This isn’t the first award that the mobile game has received, Pokémon GO was awarded ‘Best App’ at The Crunchies, along with ‘Mobile Game of the Year’ at both D.I.C.E and the 2017 SXSW Gaming Awards.



  1. I’d say it deserves it. It was quite the phenomenon. People were playing it all over the place where I live. It was crazy. It was a fun experience.

      1. True. However, it’s the only mobile game that ever hooked me. I can’t even imagine someone spending months on a single mobile game. But maybe I’m wrong. Either way, I think it deserved the award.

      2. I guess it was clear that this kind of hype wouldn’t last forever especially as the game doesn’t offer a mechanic that keeps you hooked for hundreds of hours.
        Plus by the time it got colder and the weather got more and more instable in fall, it was also understood that less people would feel like playing with their smartphone in a rainy park. If Niantic/Nintendo aren’t too stupid, they’ll try to really push Pokemon Go again as soon as the weather conditions in most countries are stable enough to make it worth.

        And yes I know in warmer regions ppl also lost interest. I’m not saying they’ll get another 500 Million downloads, but if they just keep a few million constantly playing it worldwide it would already pay out.

    1. totally agree. for months, whenever I would go in the park you would see … people who you wouldn’t expect to go in the park at all, running around in the weirdest places, staring on their phones. The usual naysayers complained about that but I’d say it’s a pretty funny thing you could observe all over the globe. It was really like witnessing video game history, comparable with the Tamagotchi hype of the 1990ies.

    1. ||I’m indifferent to the entirety of the Mobile Infantry as it’s a civilian unit, although the resources harvested will be put to better use…||

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