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Nintendo Traders Believe Nintendo Switch Could Be A Bigger Hit Than Wii

Bloomberg is reporting that Nintendo traders are extremely optimistic about the Nintendo Switch and ultimately believe it could be a bigger hit than the Wii. Shares in Nintendo have risen dramatically since the launch of the console due to strong sales and positive reception of Nintendo’s latest hardware. The publication reports that Jefferies Group analyst Atul Goyal estimates that 2.5 to 3 million Switch units were sold in March. Nintendo’s target was 2 million, so things are looking extremely positive for the Kyoto company. You can read the full analysis, right here.


28 thoughts on “Nintendo Traders Believe Nintendo Switch Could Be A Bigger Hit Than Wii”

  1. Agree, but only if Nintendo really changes the software situation. While I do believe that by XMas, the current situation might not matter anymore as the library will just be amazing by then, it still is an absurd situation that I even got quite some money available in my eshop account but besides Snake Pass there’s nothing that really triggers my BUY finger. And it doesn’t look like this is going to change anytime soon.

    1. I also agree with you. But I believe this is a process. This good news HAVE TO make an impact in the software in the future. And I also believe there are a few surprises for us reserved for E3.

    2. What? The system is a month old. Essentially zero systems ever launched with more than 1 “must buy” game at launch. The PS4’s only real launch title that wasn’t on every other system at the time was Knack. In a very short while, Mario Kart will be out and the Switch will have an above par list of launch window games.

      I really don’t understand this complaint I’ve seen from some Switch fans. Have you guys bought a closed platform machine at launch before?

    3. Give the system three months of life at least, please… ^^
      Though I would already want to spend money on 4 titles after just the first month (never happened), instead I just bought two.

  2. All that matters are the games in the end! For me the WII had :

    Madworld, Punch Out, Zelda Twilight, Super Smash (not a big fan though), Metroid Prime 3, Zack and Wiki, Mario Kart, Zelda Skyward, Mario Galaxy 1+2, Various Guitar Hero games and a handful of okish games.

    Wich aint a super impressive list filled with top notch games. My playstation usually had 20-30 games on or near the level of Metroid, Mario, Zelda.

    Zack and Wiki for example was a very fun and well made game but not a classic.

    The Wii had great sales cause everyone that never bought a console before played it aswell. I remember hordes of people playing Wii sports Golf and boxing in a local bar and all buying a WII after that, but they never heared of games like Metroid and Zelda in there life.

    1. I didn’t liked that Wii, end up playing Wii Sports and selling it for an Xbox 360. It was so underperforming graphics wise… fortunately Nintendo Switch has not such a problem (I like its graphics). And it didn’t launch with a good library in the beginning, Zelda wasn’t that good, though I made my wife playing and enjoying videogames for one time with Wii Sports.

  3. I saw this article, but didn’t get a chance to read it. I like the enthusiasm. I have a feeling though that things will be pretty stale until the end of the month. The stock had a nice run, but it’s been hovering under $30 for over a week now. Investors are waiting for solid news. After annual financials, assuming things are as good as suspected, it should fly to $40 without trouble.

  4. They used to promote the Wii on Oprah and Ellen, especially Wii fit. Everyone in the audience got them free. I don’t see that happening with the Switch. E3 can’t happen soon enough. Last year when they launched PS4 Pro I made myself wait for the Switch to see if I still need one. I bought it last week and wish Id done it sooner. What was holding me back? Free online play and cheaper games on Nintendo. Well not anymore!! Can’t wait to see what their paid service is going to look like. Cant wait until all the 3rd party games stop coming to Switch because they are over priced and not selling.

    1. Lol you cant fork over extra $10 bulks but apprently you have audacity to want to fork over extra cash to get a ps4 pro is still $100 more than the switch pay for its online still expensive then switch online and. Your piss off because a few thrid parties are adding only a extra $10 newflash third party aint going nowhere anytime. Soon with the switch as long as game ports are the same as ps4 and xbot and graphics are a little bit close to .it will sell well what makes the switch better is the fact that its portable and it isnt a hassel to move a big console around wherever you go

    2. “They used to promote the Wii on Oprah and Ellen, especially Wii fit. Everyone in the audience got them free. I don’t see that happening with the Switch. ”

      And if promotion on saytime television marketed to middle aged women were a barometer for success in video games sales, this point might be coherent. The Wii was ALREADY a sensation before the Oprah and Ellen coverage. Nice attempt at trolling though.

      Bought a PS4 years ago. Still waiting for enough interesting games to come out for it to justify the purchase. Switch’s 2017 lineup will already do that for this purchase.

  5. I think we’ll see the Switch beat Wii U and GCN for sure. I’m somewhat confident about N64 and optimistic about the SNES.

    NES and Wii? We’ll have to see.

  6. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4! Please, Nintendo! Blow me off of the fence at E3 onto your side so I can say the same for Switch, too!}

    They are stock holders. Of course they are hoping for this. I would be, too, if I was holding stock purely for the monetary gain. If Switch proves to be a good companion to the PS4 & they are both on the same level of awesome, I hope it does better than Wii, too. BUT I’m also keeping my expectations in check & won’t be like some of the Switch fanboys constantly expecting the best to the point I try to disprove every issue other people have with it because “muh Switch doesn’t have this pwoblem!”

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  10. Digital games is NOT a reason to buy a console. It’s all about the physical games. And right now, Zelda is the only physical game that’s even worth buying (for me). And unless you love remakes and remasters, there’s nothing coming (that I know of) until Super Mario Odyssey. At least with first party games. I’m hoping that Nintendo announces several new AWESOME games at this year’s E3. They NEED to. Keeping my fingers crossed for Pikmin 4 and Animal Crossing.

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