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Video: Here’s New Footage Of Sonic Forces

It is rare for Sonic to be brought up in a Nintendo Direct, but this was an exception. Nintendo showcased some new gameplay of Sonic Forces, which included Classic Sonic in action for the first time. We also got a teaser of the third character that is supposed to be playable in the game. We’ve included footage of Sonic Forces below, so feel free to check it out.



  1. Since when is it “rare” for Sonic to be brought up at Nintendo Directs? Wasn’t the first Nintendo direct where they announced the whole three year partnership thing with Lost World? Not to mention all those yearly Mario and Sonic Olympics titles, Sonic may as well be a Nintendo staple at this point.

  2. I’m. A) Why was this in Japanese? Was the direct not in every region? B) We already saw this footage before. I don’t think there was anything new. C) I didn’t see any sort of tease about the third character. Or is there another article with new footage? Ahh screw it , I’ll go check myself.

    1. It was in every region, the Japanese version of the trailer may have gone live first. The 3D footage has been seen, though there hasn’t been any 2D footage up until now.

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