Japan: Lady Layton releases July 20th On Nintendo 3DS And Mobile

Level-5 and Nintendo confirmed during today’s Japanese Nintendo Direct presentation that Lady Layton will be arriving in the land of the rising sun on July 20th. The game will be available on the Nintendo 3DS, iOS, and Android, and has a new name¬†Layton Mystery Journey. You can check out a trailer for the game, below.



  1. As a long-time of the PL series, you better believe that I am eagerly awaiting the announcement for the USA release date. :)
    As for the trailer itself, if they killed off Layton or Luke I’m gonna freak (bc honestly ‘Lady Layton’ has Luke’s ability to speak with animals, a Triton family exclusive, yet she says that she’s the professor’s kid… Highly suspicious.)

        1. 150% Hopeful thinking. Capcom might be stupid enough to make another 3DS game… But I’m hoping they’re seeing the Switch numbers in Japan and are seeing ($ $) I’d ask the Commander to intercede, but he strictly only deals with High Command business. :P

              1. I am fortunate enough to have found the first three at a GameStop back in ’09. But yeah, I was honestly tempted to buy them on the virtual console myself when they came out, they’re THAT good.

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