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Target Offering A Rubix Cube As A Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Pre-Order Bonus

While Mario Kart is all about high-octane racing and crazy action, Target thinks that its players will also enjoy the cerebral test of a puzzle cube. Commonly known as a Rubix Cube, Target is offering one to those who pre-order the latest Mario Kart game. The cube features a Mario Kart 8 design, depicting the game’s logo and various promotional images. Check out a picture below.




    1. Game running at native 1080p 60fps, local multiplayer out of the box, your character can now old 2 items at once (the orginal didn’t allow it), a totally revamped battle mode, and 5 exclusive characters.

        1. Yes absolutely worth it (I bought mk8 on Wii U ), especially you can take the entire experience of mk8 deluxe on the go.

          1. I know… still dont get it. 50-60 aint shit and how much time do you really “put in”? You beat all te tracks in a couple hours and then its online from then on

        2. Beyond everything supermosh1990 mentioned, I wouldn’t be surprised if they put more DLC into the game, my Wii U was moslty consumed by Smash and MK8 DLC. I’d like to enjoy all of that without having to being restricted in my internal storage.

        3. MK8D and MK8 are both the same price, but one has more content than the other, portability, and not to mention the DLC characters for free, so there’s nothing wrong with getting MK8D

        1. The battle mode on mk8 was shit . Mk8D has a massively improved one with courses actually defined for it . You get the dlc for free . I put 45 hours into MK8 . Plan to do that a lot in MK8 deluxe.. I can definitely see more dlc in this definitive version of MK8.

          1. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits. This use to be something that awaited those for all consoles. It's sad it's mostly just a PS4 slogan these days. Maybe Nintendo will get back to that greatness with the Switch. Only time will tell.} says:

            If you like battle arenas for battle mode, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is a definite buy. (60 bucks is still a lot if you already bought it for 80 on the Wii U, so 40-50 would be better.) But for those of us that prefer racing, meh. I’ll pass.

  1. Is it just pre orders? By the promo it’s seems like you can walk into any store and gat the game with a Rubik’s cube

  2. I still remember when they offered a Rubix Cube when Super Mario Maker released. It had a nice design, but it wasn’t very practical; the cube was so stiff that I felt the whole thing would break if I tried to turn it once.

    1. ||Destroy him then, I’m busy taking apart an Xbot living body…||

  3. I still have my Rubix Cube I purchased from Argos years ago anyway so that will do ahahahaha

  4. Jesus who still playing Zelda and mario kart games on 2017? people are still kids or what? even splatoon? wow….i realy cant imagine someone like myself brutal and scary man like play this gay Zelda game ….or splatoon..WHAT? i also saw link wearing woman cloths so ..he is not normal he is gay ..or was zelda that person?

    1. If you’re just gonna rant about Nintendo, why do you even bother coming here? You bought BOTW, and you have such a low IQ, you had to watch someone play the whole game on YouTube, because you couldn’t complete a single shrine puzzle.

      1. well its very easy for me thats why i finish the game 100% just by watching youtube :D i am a pro gamer i cant play casual games for kids i play dark souls 9/10 and horizon 10/10 while true score for zelda is around 4/10
        and no mans sky is 5/10 and the shrine puzzles are so easy..what are you talking about..not only shrines are easy but there are not many off many i just cound around 35-36 and 4 small get your facts strait next time or stop trolling (:P)

        1. You’re an idiot, a true pro gamer wouldn’t give a shit what he plays , jyour just a sad delusional Nintendo hater.

        2. Well maybe the reason why the game was so easy, was because you watched all of it on YOUTUBE!!! If you actually played the game for yourself, it would have been a better experience. And you’re telling me to stop trolling? How about you get off your dads account and go troll somewhere else kid.

    2. People like to have fun. that’s the most base reason anyone plays a video game. some people just have different taste than you do. Also, familiarize yourself with Dustykatt. he is much scarier looking than you ever will be, and he’s a freking brony. just google image search him. The biggest thing though is the “he is not normal, he is gay” part of your comment. First off, It is crossdressing and it was something he needed to do to sneak in somewhere (like how I just barely avoid spoilers) but that’s not the point. the thing that upset me was that you are clearly homophobic. Gay people are normal people too. there’s nothing wrong with them. I have two gay aunts, one on each side of the family.. my best friend is gay. hell, I’m trans! but guess what, all it means is that you’re into something different. It’s not a desease, it’s not a sin (religion is bull), it’s not immoral, and there’s nothing wrong with it

    3. again he melts down mk8 was the highest soring racer of gen 8 beating every single rcer on pc p4 and xbone

      zelda is the best game in 10 years and the highest scorer of 10/10 in gaming history its the depest and largest open world game ever created

      it has the best ai and physics ever in game its playable on tv and portable


      1. Exactly I agree with you . This guy must be smoking weed or something to say Breath of the wild deserves 4/10 . Lmfao!!! BOTW is a 10/10 best game I have played in years.

      2. Biggest world and best ai and physics ever in game 10/10
        It has the same story like all zelda games the last 30 years 9/10
        It has the worst graphics cartoon style off all time 8/10
        Large open empty world with berely 4-5 different enemies on this huge world? 7/10
        very easy combat 6/10
        very easy and repeatable shrines 5/10
        Annoying durability on the weapons 4/10

    4. So, Nintendolings… This is why we don’t feed the trolls! :) Now, lets get back to learning green shell technique… You all want to please The Commander, right? Good. We’ll make good soldiers out of you yet…

  5. Splitting hairs time!
    Erno Rubik developed the cube and it came out in 1977 and was called a “Magic Cube.” However in 1980 it was taken over by the Ideal Toy Company and the name was changed to Rubik’s Cube after its inventor (Erno Rubik). If you buy a Rubik’s brand, it will clearly say Rubik’s on the sticker.
    Rubix=Fail spelling.
    That is all.

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