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GameStop Taking Orders For $500 Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Nintendo Switch Bundle

If you live in North America and have yet to get your hands on the popular Nintendo Switch system then GameStop may have you covered. If you’ve got a spare $500 then you could treat yourself to the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe bundle. The bundle includes a Neon or Grey Nintendo Switch console, a copy of the game, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild expansion pass, and a 128GB SD Card.



        1. Yes absolutely, my friend (he has free time but not enough money to buy this ) if I had the extra money I would definitely buy this for him.

  1. Damnnnn!

    This bundle made the Commander sweat….
    And he has no sweat glands!

    Great deal!

  2. I’m not so sure about how this is a “good deal.”

    A Switch: $300
    Mario Kart 8 Deluxe: $60
    Breath of the Wild: $60
    Expansion Pass: $20
    128 GB micro SD card: ~$45 (I checked the first result, I could probably find better deals if I were to wait for a sale, as my brother managed to get a 200 GB micro SD for $40 when it was on sale awhile back.)

    That’s around $485. Unless for some reason this bundle doesn’t include sales tax, then buying them all separately would still be a slightly more efficient use of money as far as I can see.

    Unless I’m missing something?

    1. I thought the same thing. I bought my 128 sdxc for $32 when it was on sale on Amazon. So mine came to $472 (before tax). This is an awesome bundle and it’s worth it if you have not been able to find a Switch. People saying it’s “better” really need to do the math though…

        1. Well, I haven’t dealt with them in a while, but there were a few instances where I did. One was when I wanted to cancel my online order of Rodea: The Sky Soldier. I didn’t hear back for like a month or two. Wasn’t too bad because they told me it was an easy process. But when Twilight Princess HD came out, I pre-ordered online. After like a month, I got an email saying my credit card info was incorrect. I tried to update my address, it wouldn’t let me. Ordered a new copy because I was afraid the first order would not go through when the game released. I tried to cancel the first order, it wouldn’t let me. I emailed them, didn’t hear anything for a few weeks. Finally, they emailed me, and said it was too late to cancel. So I ended up having two copies sent to me. I sold one copy because a friend that was visiting just happened to want it. Otherwise I would have been stuck trying to sell online or something. Then there was the BS where they decided to start using my reward points monthly for something (I forget what exactly) without telling me. You’re supposed to tell them you don’t want them to, and opt out of it. Even though they don’t send you an email telling you in advance about it. Took a month or so of emails to get my points back.

            1. When I go in the store, the workers are cool. Although I’ve heard stories of other locations where the workers are obnoxious and try to force promotions on you (because upper management requires them to). Part of me hates GameStop, especially with their BS trade-in values (but I don’t really trade games in much anyway). But part of me has that nostalgia from always going there for a new game since I was a little kid. Wish they could just kick the higher ups to the curb and bring in management that actually cares more about customer service.

                1. Technology: a blessing and a curse. Sure, one day machines may do all the work. But it will be a long process and thus lots of people will be put out of jobs with no means to support themselves or their families. As much as people clamor for Amazon to put GameStop out of business, there’s the human aspect that needs to be remembered. GameStop management should also realize that if they don’t improve, they very well could get snuffed out by Amazon. I’ve seen many people online say they refuse to shop at GameStop because of their policies… I told you not to get me started! Now I’m getting all philosophical and shit haha.

          1. “But when Twilight Princess HD came out, I pre-ordered online. After like a month, I got an email saying my credit card info was incorrect.”

            That’s really strange because that is exactly what happened to me with the exact same again. I got it straightened out though, I don’t remember the exact details, but I do remember it kind of being a pain for some reason lol

            1. I don’t remember the exact details either haha, I just remember sending one or two angry emails after not hearing back from them for like a month or two. Funny how we had the same thing happen. I didn’t think something like that would normally happen haha.

              1. Now that I’ve had more time to recollect I do remember more specifically what happened. Once I got the email notifying me of some error with credit card, I called customer service and just sat on hold for way to long. I figured since I was going to the Pokken Tournament at Gamestop that weekend I could just take care of it in person. The employee seemed so confused because they couldn’t find my pre-order in their system, it took a really long time to do whatever they were doing on the computer and then they called a second employee to help them and it took even longer with no resolution in the end. I had to call customer service again a few days later and had to wait once again on hold for a ridiculous amount of time. I finally got it resolved, I think I just had to give them my credit and billing info again or something lol. I was worried it was going to screw up my chance of getting the pre-order bonus soundtrack, but in the end I got it and it was all good!

  3. You’re not saving anything buying this bundle. If money is not a problem then you’re set for a while with this.

  4. If it just came with Mario Kart 8 then $500 is way too steep but it also comes with BotW ans the expansion pack and a 128gb micro SD so the price is somewhat justifiable.

    1. Actually if you go to GameStop. Com look up every item it’s exactly the same price.

  5. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits. This use to be something that awaited those for all consoles. It's sad it's mostly just a PS4 slogan these days. Maybe Nintendo will get back to that greatness with the Switch. Only time will tell.} says:

    I noticed how one of the new amiibo coming out is sold out at GameStop then I noticed how there was a bundle being sold with one of the new amiibo being the one that was “sold out.” GameStop truly is ran by greedy, corporate douchebags that care only about the money. :/ I guess GameStop is just like Nintendo of America: use to be great but now is ran by idiots and/or assholes.

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