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FAST RMX Update 1.2 Is Out Now

As promised, Shin’en has released a brand new update for the fast-paced futuristic racer FAST RMX. The update brings several new features including time attack mode and online friend lobbies. Your copy of the game should automatically¬†update with the new mode and feature once it’s fired up.



  1. Now we need F-Zero “NX” made by the triforce; Nintendo, Sega, & Amusement Vision. With all the effort put into F-Zero GX just more and a huge innovation to move the series forward. Please and thank you Nintendo.

    Fast RMX is holding me over until then.

      1. Honestly if they did I wasn’t aware of it….I hope not I actually used to like the Monkey ball games (plus it would suit Switch imo)and their contribution to F-Zero was a good one in concert with Sega.

      1. You’re absolutely right! I almost forgot all about Namco. Well then all of them! We need this game! Lol

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