Nintendo Switch

FAST RMX Update 1.2 Is Out Now

As promised, Shin’en has released a brand new update for the fast-paced futuristic racer FAST RMX. The update brings several new features including time attack mode and online friend lobbies. Your copy of the game should automatically update with the new mode and feature once it’s fired up.




  1. Now we need F-Zero “NX” made by the triforce; Nintendo, Sega, & Amusement Vision. With all the effort put into F-Zero GX just more and a huge innovation to move the series forward. Please and thank you Nintendo.

    Fast RMX is holding me over until then.


      1. Honestly if they did I wasn’t aware of it….I hope not I actually used to like the Monkey ball games (plus it would suit Switch imo)and their contribution to F-Zero was a good one in concert with Sega.


      1. You’re absolutely right! I almost forgot all about Namco. Well then all of them! We need this game! Lol


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