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Pokémon Sun And Moon Placed In the Top 20 Best Selling Games In The US Last Year

The latest games in the Pokémon Series, Sun and Moon, have placed in the top 20 best selling games in the US last year.

The information was confirmed by the Entertainment Software Association in their Essential Facts report, showing that Pokémon Sun was the 11th best selling game, and Pokémon Moon was the 12th.


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  1. Pretty amazing when you consider they’re the only games on the list exclusive only one platform plus the fact they came out pretty much at the end of the year.

  2. I think this also shows that Skyrim while old is still a pretty popular title. If Nintendo were really smart they’d go after GTA 5 and Overwatch too. If the Switch continues selling well it’ll most definitely get CoD. Even the Wii and DS got CoD.

    1. GTA sure, Overwatch not really. That’s more a PC game.
      GTA never did on Nintendo platforms, except Chinatown Wars. I don’t really understand why.

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