The Upcoming Kirby Game Will Be An “Action-Fighting” Title

Not a whole lot of info has emerged about the upcoming Kirby game that is planned to release on the 3DS later this winter. However,  A Miiverse post from HAL Laboratory’s Satoshi Ishida has given us a new detail about it. According to Ishida, the upcoming Kirby game will be an “action-fighting” game. Unfortunately, we didn’t get more information, but it does offer a clue as to what the gameplay will be like. It’s not out of the question that we’ll see more at E3, but until then, the wait continues.


Thanks, MasterPikachu6


  1. I bet it’s going to be a smash Kirby game with all abilities from some past titles and story mode and all that and we already know it’s multiplayer

    1. Well it’s already multiplayer didn’t you watch the direct they said action ,multiplayer game this doesn’t even sound like new for real as it was told in the direct

  2. Well I was thinking more on the lines of advancing Kirby’s backstory… he is supposed to be some Star Warrior isn’t, a baby one at that. Kirby needs to grow up a bit, keep the cutesy but bring on the bad-assery!

    1. Well, who knows if that backstory is canon to the games. As far as we know, that’s true only with the anime.

  3. Yeah true… but I am hoping that Nintendo branches out a bit. They have a great deal of IPs that are in desperate need of revitalization. It worked for Zelda and its more bigger than it has been. .

  4. I legit don’t need back story in my Kirby games.

    Feels like in all fandoms for all things, ppl want explanations for everything. Some mysteries are fine and it’s just overkill for things that don’t take themselves that seriously when it’s not the point either.

    Plus this fighting game makes sense considering how much of Kirby has inspired Smash bros. It’ll probably be a super polished version of Kirby fighters with online finally

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