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Developer Tantalus Had “Literally Hundreds” Of Ideas About Extra Features For Twilight Princess HD

While Nintendo developed the original game, the Japanese company outsourced the HD remaster of Twilight Princess to the Australian developer Tantalus. The developer’s CEO recently sat down with Fragments of Silicon to discuss their time working with Nintendo and the Zelda franchise. While the whole interview is transcribed here, one claim by Tantalus really stands out. According to them, they had “literally hundreds” of ideas for extra features that never made it into the game. Considering Twilight Princess was really just a HD port of the original game, this is quite surprising. What would you like to have seen added to Twilight Princess HD? Tell us below.

On any ideas that didn’t make it into Twilight Princess HD…

Literally hundreds, that’s the way it works. For any video game you make, and even for games that are obstentively conversions, it’s our job as developers to just throw ideas at the publisher or the creators of the original game. So that’s what we do. We come up with documents and mockups and suggestions and at the end of the day, very few of them are taken up, because some of them are a little bit left field or a bit out there, and sometimes we get them across the line, but a lot of times we don’t.

On Twilight Princess HD, as with every title, there were a bunch of things that we suggested that we could of done. But I can’t say what any of them were.

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13 thoughts on “Developer Tantalus Had “Literally Hundreds” Of Ideas About Extra Features For Twilight Princess HD”

  1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

    ||Too bad one of them wasn’t a change to make Ganondorf a lot more difficult…||

  2. -Hard Mode
    -Master Quest Mode
    -New Costumes
    -New Music Options
    -1 or maybe 2 new dungeons

    Just 5 things I could think of that couldve been thrown in besides just porting the game

  3. right so this article is a non article

    it stands out that they could have done shit witch is the case in every game made


  4. If they really have so many great ideas, why is every game they make themself complete utter trash?! Like Funky Barn or Pony Friends. I hate it when developers have bloated egos when they were involved in the port or making of a great game, even though they contributed nothing to the excellence of the game.

  5. Added animations, new graphics engine (unreal) updated models (more detail, enhancements like glossy eyes and lips, moving hair, better clothes)
    Updated lighting effects, motion + support, better AI, new dungeons, more flushed out world, extended dungeons, CGI movies, enhanced music, …….

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