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Nintendo Switch Back In Stock At GameStop (In-Store Only)

GameStop has announced today that the super hard to find Nintendo Switch system is back in stock at the North American retailer. The stock replenish comes just in time for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe which launches this Friday. Again, this is in-store only and units won’t be available online according to Polygon. Best to ring your local store before venturing out as no doubt these will be snapped up quickly.

The Switch is $299.99. GameStop is offering a $200 credit toward one with the trade-in of a 32 GB Wii U, PlayStation 4, Xbox One or Nintendo 3DS. The trade-in offer is good through Sunday, April 30.



  1. I advise everyone looking for a switch to check their local gamestop. It’s still a hit or miss in my area on switch availability. Not to mention there’s that whole $500 switch package gamestop was pushing at one time. I was told it was strictly an online package but you still should make sure they aren’t gonna force a $500 package down your throat.

      1. You know, N8, Next I’ll have to hear from The Commander again “All of human culture is below the belt” and I won’t be able to tease Nintenmau5 with innuendo again…

            1. Yeah, I’ll just keep mine. Was contemplating a second for a while… going to get two Switches in the fall. (if i can get my hands on them)

      1. The Gamecube sold 21 million units. Wii U 13 million. It’s going to become a collectors item with how few were produced in comparison. I suggest you hold on to your Wii U’s.

  2. there’s no way gamestop is taking 200 dollars for any 3ds. even 200 for the wiiu is hard to believe.

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