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Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Passes One Million Sales Worldwide In Its First Weekend

Some people were adamant that Mario Kart 8 Deluxe wouldn’t pull off huge sales numbers as its simply a port of Mario Kart 8 on the Wii U. Well, it would appear as though the naysayers were wrong. Data lover ZhugeEX is reporting that Mario Kart 8 Deluxe passed one million sales worldwide during its first weekend. Not too shabby, huh? The game joins the well-received Persona 5 in the million sellers list for April 2017.

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    1. I want that one with a story mode. At least a progression like it was on Melee, it was there in the Wii U version?

      1. The Wii U version had that boring smash tour mode, i wonder why Sakurai thought it would be fun and if they don’t add a story mode on the rumored smash deluxe, they should expand Smash tour (which IMO was better than tour) with online play and new stages

      1. Expect some ninsense from thanos vasilious, by the way sickr that guy has been trolling tilmen and thanos sucks at doing it

      2. ||The First Order will keep it that way and beyond…||

      3. Great news. An old Port made 1 million in a weekend because Nintendo fans love to repeat their purchases when the word “new” is before the title. In other news, I think persona 5 has been selling like crazy, and so has Zero Dawn, Noih, Neir, RE7, and all the other exclusives that dropped from January to May. Oh, sorry, were still talking about Mario Kart 8. Wait, didn’t that come out in like, 2014? Or something for the Wii U?

    1. Sorry, I was too busy playing all the PS4 exclusives that came out from January to now. Are you guys still talking about Zelda and an old Port?

      1. No, we’re talking about how no game on your system is rated higher than Zelda and the fact that our launch is better than the PS4 launch.

        1. Sorry, didn’t you have this great launch for the Wii u? Oh, yeah…. You did, and that shit flopped after. And you’re rating over what? Metacritic? Lololol. But did Zelda sell more than Persona 5? Nioh, and Zero? Lol. Keep to your awesome Zelda and Mario Kart 8 port. I’ll play Until Dawn, Overwatch, UC4, Doom, RE7, Neir, FF15… Damn, the list keeps coming. Nintendo Switch has? Oh yeah, Zelda and Mario Kart. The fun is so real there.

      2. Lol. I don’t need to defend Nintendo anymore. The Switch is selling out and has a game rated higher than anything on your console. Stay mad, haters!

        1. I wouldn’t defend a company that tells it’s fans “here’s one game until fall”. Guess you’ll love playing that one game and that one game only. Let me know when switch gets more games. Oh wait, it doesn’t. Splatoon 2 is fucking Splatoon 1 with dlc given to you. You can have the best “metacritic” game, but meanwhile, in reality, there’s a ton of better games out there because Zelda isn’t getting GOYT over persona 5, a game that’s sold more than Zelda in a few days. Lol. Keep sucking metacritic, Zelda will love you for it.

        2. Remember, Wii U was the best selling system in 2012, and they sold for 3 months, reaching 3.2 million by January. How the fuck did that work for Nintendo and the Wii U? Flop, flip, flip, flop. And they sell that system was the fastest selling system in history. It was a fucking failure. Keep buying into the Nintendo hype. Let’s see what happens when fall hits

    1. And Zelda is game that can keep you busy for months if you don’t just rush to do the main story and final boss.

    2. Is this your first console generation? That has never in the history of the industry been the reaction of customers without games to play. They leave the platform. They don’t put up huge sales numbers on games they don’t want, “just cause”.

    3. Not only because of that. It plays a role but I believe while many might really only buy it due to the lack of options, you gotta understand that Mario Kart is a way bigger and more popular franchise than Zelda ever was. Look at how well MKWii sold. that’s the benchmark and it will never be reached by any Zelda game. Or maybe it will by BotW, but those audiences aren’t necessarily overlapping that much. There are people who wanna have an immersive adventure and others who wanna play for sheer fun and party. Then there are Nintendo-Fans who are in all games from Nintendo no matter what they’re about. All of these overlap at some points but however, looking at how few people got to play MK8 on the WiiU and how well it sold on the Wii illustrates the possible potential of this franchise on a more popular console. The Switch is appealing not just because of Zelda, but because of it’s concept. And people even buy MK8D even if they already own it on the WiiU just for that.
      So I believe what you say of course plays a role, but not the biggest. This game just happens to be the biggest package of the best Mario Kart contents ever created in Nintendo’s history and they seem to perfectly capitalize on that now.

  1. honestly the only reason it sold so much is because people dont have anything to play after beating zelda. eh and also mario kart is also damn fun too but those 2 reasons

      1. eh if the game came out next year with a ton of games already on the switch it would not have sold this fast, and you know it too

    1. Really, I have over 17 games on my Switch
      I’ve got;

      Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
      PuyoPuyo Tetris
      Tumble Seed
      Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
      Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap
      Lego City Undercover
      ACA NeoGeo: Metal Slug 3
      Mr Swifty
      Graceful Explosion Machine
      Snake Pass
      Skylanders Imaginators
      Little Inferno
      Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove (which could count as 3 games but I just count it as one)
      BlasterMaster Zero
      Fast Racing RMX
      ACA NeoGeo: NAM-1975

      So saying there is no games on the Switch beside Zelda and Mario Kart is just really a blatant lie

      1. first of all not all those are appealing to everyone. i have 20$ in my nintendo account waiting to spend my money on an indie that intrigues me, and most of them (other than mr shifty, and snipperclips) havent really made me want to buy them. There is pocket rumble thats coming out but i dont even know when that will be out, but thats the one im waiting for. You might have bought every game in the eshop but not everyone can afford those or want all of them

      2. People who bring list with irrelevent shit indie games while these games are sitting on the place where the third party games should be.. is just a Nintendrone who cant see learn not be if this offended you or dont bring shit games to claim switch have games while it should had games like doom 4 and GTA and all the future games of anykind small or big But hey you can buy switch and play Mr Shifty..jesus

      3. Remember when Nintendo fanboys used to say Vita had no games even though lists like this were regularly posted? :p

        Only difference is that Nintendo has the brand power to sell the darn thing.

  2. Troll Mode Deactivated

    Well ofc Mk8 will be selling so good since the Switch have only Zelda and now mk8 to play with..
    Also switch is a very overpriced console compared to the ps4 (well fuck xbox one)
    Im not trolling thats the truth and it is very sad and dont bring me shit like Switch got games im talking about real games like doom 4 or gta or dark souls or witcher 3 or red redemption 2 and ALL 3d party games like ps4 and even the xBOT got AND for the Price i can easy counter any stupid reply who will try to defented it even if nintendo will cut the price the fact wont change it will be still a overpriced console there is something else nintendo need to do to make it worth it. ..

    Troll Mode Activated

    1. Though you’re obviously just trying to harass people, I’ll humor you anyway. I have some time to kill.

      “Well ofc Mk8 will be selling so good since the Switch have only Zelda and now mk8 to play with..”

      This isn’t how game sales work. Is this your first console generation? People discontent with having no games to play don’t buy games they don’t care about “just because”, they go do something else entirely. Hey, if the PS4 is such a good value with so many great games, why aren’t they buying PS4 games instead?

      “Also switch is a very overpriced console compared to the ps4”

      Other than your own entirely subjective (some might say arbitrary) concept of value, what’s your basis for this? The Switch has a stronger than average launch line up (pretty objectively true, go look at the history of launch lineups), and adjusted for inflation it’s one of the cheapest major consoles to ever go to market. I’m trying to find any objective way to conclude that it’s overpriced but I just can’t do it. Clearly the general public agree with me, as it’s been selling faster than the PS4 or the Wii did. In fact, that it sells for more on ebay than msrp is objective proof alone that the market think it’s a value at that price.

      “im talking about real games like doom 4 or gta or dark souls or witcher 3 or red redemption 2 and ALL 3d party games like ps4 and even the xBOT got ”

      It just launched. Again, are you new to video games? The most successful console of all time was the Playstation 2. Have you seen its launch lineup?

      Shoot, the PS4 launched with a bunch of last gen multi-plat titles. Was its selection garbage? Or are you just absurdly biased?

      “even if nintendo will cut the price the fact wont change it will be still a overpriced console”

      You clearly don’t quite know what overpriced means. cutting the price to anything can stop it from being overpriced, regardless of current value.

      Ok. Done pretending you’re not just trolling me. Carry on.

      1. Why you reply if you cant speak seriously? Pretending?Dude are you out of your mind? or are you A typical Nintedrone?

        “what’s your basis for this” ok since you like to know i will explain to you the reality that is out so many years but you are very likely blind to see also i will answer you the same time the “even if nintendo will cut the price the fact wont change it will be still a overpriced console”

        First you should wake up you talking about ps2 this era is outdated!! but hey what the fuck i am talking about even nintendo didn’t knew that with the wii u when they though wii was still on-date!! WE talking about PS4 not some 100 years ago console.

        Ps4 Had on launch Call of duty, battlefield 4,ASS-black flag (game of the year for ps4 sad)
        You see the pattern here? PS4 had all the multi-platform games. and do you even know what that means? it means SAFETY This is the reasson why Switch is over-priced and even if the price will dropped this fact wont change (and i point Nintendo need to do something else to make the price worth it) And here it IS !!! You will buy switch!!good. Now you want to play Doom 4-Battlefront-Gta V (i dont speak for these games specifically these games represents the FULL stable third party support)
        But you cant play them !!! tthis is the exacly reasson why switch is overpriced because you need EVEN MORE money to spend to buy a ps4(or xbot1) to play all these mmulti platform games! And that makes it overpriced !!

        And thats why the price drop wont change it but i said nintendo need to do something else ,
        Well there it is !! they need to bring each and every multiplatform game on switch Like ps4-xbox got so you wont need a ps4 to play freaking Overwatch or Shadow of mordor 2..IM talking about some real third stable party support not some skyrim shit something like Witcher 4 !! And thats the problem every ps4 owner knows (theoretically) he can play witcher 4 on ps4 and He dont need to spend more money because ps4 is the gaming machine that got everything!!!!! Do i need to explain more why the Switch is overpriced? shortcut : Because you have spend extra money to buy Ps4-Xbox So you can have stable Multiplatform while WHEN you buy ps4 you DONT need anything else and you also have GREAT exclusives you wont miss anything!!!

        Are you gonna tell me just to wait to see in the future? well yes but im talking for RIGHT now as 5/5/2017 about the switch been overpriced because the Future of the third party support is very BLANK and unknown.and scary!!! And my thoughs are around destiny gonna come to switch too?
        Or do i need to buy A freaking ps4 and spend extra money because nintendo is stupid? well is coming to pc anyway this time

        Mark these words Switch can do it MUCH better that PS4 on the first year JUST need full third party support and not been only for mario and lego games. ..
        DAMN ps4 Had game of the year Assassins’s creed black flag..this is pretty lame..well this is my favorite but the problem here is ps4 coulnd’t make it for game of the year with a special game..but it make it with the same game Like xbox one also Black flag game of the year..WHILE switch GOT ZELDA-arms-Splatoo-Mario-Maybe Xenoblade..THIS IS just CRAZY LIST for Switch game of the year JUST CRAZY we all know what will be Goty for switch anyway but the thing is Switch got A list with full exclusives for nomitates and this is the first year (if some games dont get delayed)

        Dont try to reply again against reality and you cant even guess what console i got..ps4 right?
        Wrong !!
        PC?Yes gaming build
        Switch? Are you fucking kidding me? definitely Yes or how i will play Zelda? on wii u ?i sold it 4days before switch launch
        On the emulator?..i will stick to reality like i love

  3. The Mario Kart franchise is definitely deemed worthy to be recognized as one of the most prestigious franchises in gaming history. It’s almost gonna be scary to see what Mario Kart 9 is gonna do once that gets released. And uh btw haters….I thought MK8D wasn’t gonna have the same impact as the previous version? I thought it wasn’t gonna be a unit mover or a system seller? Yeah if you’re looking for some crow it’s in the back next to the ” asshurt ” salt lol

  4. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits. This use to be something that awaited those for all consoles. It's sad it's mostly just a PS4 slogan these days. Maybe Nintendo will get back to that greatness with the Switch. Only time will tell.} says:

    I need to finish with BotW soon so I can use this time of the Switch having no games til Super Mario Odyssey, and hopefully Xenoblade 2, to clear my PS4 backlog. (Unless E3 comes around & reveals the Switch is getting a shit load of games I want between the 3 days of E3 & the day of Super Mario Odyssey’s release… if E3 doesn’t come with a “Oops, sorry! Super Mario Odyssey & Xenoblade 2 have been delayed til Spring 2018!” tagline.

    1. No Arms or Splatoon 2 for you? I have both of those preordered, but aside from those and whenever Yooka-Laylee finally gets on Switch, I have everything I 100% want for it until Odyssey and XC2… unless F-Zero Switch is announced at E3, in which case, shut up and take my money.

      1. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits. This use to be something that awaited those for all consoles. It's sad it's mostly just a PS4 slogan these days. Maybe Nintendo will get back to that greatness with the Switch. Only time will tell.} says:

        I was interested in Arms for all of a day when I watched the Switch reveal back in January but quickly lost all interest since then. As for Splatoon 2, I played the testfire demo but I wasn’t too fond of the controls. I’ll try another testfire demo later when they’ve improved on the controls. Til then, no interest in buying that, either.

  5. To be fair Switch is million times better than Wii u
    From the first fucking year Got Splatoon 2 , A real 3d mario game and not some shit 2D SHIT mario game
    Fucking Xenoblade 2 !!! also Mk8,ARMS, did i mention the game of the year for the switch ?Zelda botw and this is the god damn first Year its super unbelievable!! While Wii u didn’t even make that in hes whole LIFE
    To have atleast 4

    1. fuck me i press to post by mistake and post this without finish it anyway you get the point :P
      Switch is a miracle in term of exclusives on the first year compared to worst Home console Nintendo ever made..Wii u ONLY one think is missing !! a god DAMN third party support!! otherwise it will remain the overpriced console..

  6. I’m a contributor. The only two games I have on my Switch are Zelda and Mario Kart. I’m okay with this knowing fully what I was buying into. I plan on getting about 3-4 other (true) exclusive games on the Switch this year. Since it’s not my main gaming system, I’m 100% okay with this.

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