Slime-San Coming To Nintendo Switch, Wii U Version “On Ice”

Fabraz, the team behind Slime-san which was recently released on Steam, are now putting their efforts in to bringing the game to the Nintendo Switch. Fabraz recently approached Nintendo at GDC with Nintendo providing Dev Kits for them soon after. A build of the game is apparently already up and running so hopefully we can expect it to hit the e-Shop soon. They did however also mention that the Wii U version “is currently on ice”.

If you’re unfamiliar with Slime-san then feel free to take a peek at the video below to see the quirky title in action:

It’s now available on PC/Mac/Linux for $11.99 but will be coming to Xbox One and Nintendo Switch sometime later this year.



12 thoughts on “Slime-San Coming To Nintendo Switch, Wii U Version “On Ice”

      1. Lol no. Isaac is overrated. It’s a 10 hour game that people pour hundreds of hours into because it changes itself with each playthrough, thus presenting some sense of replayability.

        This looks like a proper platformer.


      2. Still of a very low value. You have seen it in action. Its graphics is just terrible, what would’ve been Super Mario World without its very good graphics? Not the happy world we know about. This is just lame.


      3. Super Mario World without its “very good graphics” would have been the same superb platformer that it is. Are you seriously suggesting that SMW’s greatness is owed to its graphics? What made it great was the quality of the gameplay, the world design, and the surprisingly deep exploration element for a platformer at the time.


      4. Sure, Nintendo would not be the same without its good graphics that at the time was very cool, and still is with the likes of BotW and Mario Odissey and Mario Kart 8. Without it would have not been the same.
        Place the same horrid world as this Slime game and it would not pass the million.


      5. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits. This use to be something that awaited those for all consoles. It's sad it's mostly just a PS4 slogan these days. Maybe Nintendo will get back to that greatness with the Switch. Only time will tell.} says:

        Actually, part of the reason I love Super Mario World is the graphics/artstyle & it’s one of the driving reasons I can’t get back into Super Mario Bros on NES. The graphics/artstyle is definitely a driving factor for why it’s one of the best games ever. If someone did an NES sprite remake of it, I’d not be able to play it.


      6. I can understand how it would be hard to go back to the NES. Most Nintendo SNES games feel like enhanced, superior versions of their NES counterparts. I agree that the graphics for Super Mario World are great, and if an NES remake ever came out I probably wouldn’t play it either, simply because I wouldn’t find a graphics change interesting enough to play through a game. If SMW never released on the SNES, and came out on the NES instead though, do you think it wouldn’t have been nearly as good? If it had the same gameplay mechanics (i.e. Yoshi, flying, spinning, etc) and world design; if everything was the same, but the graphics were of the NES, would you have enjoyed it less at the time; or would you not consider it the great game you consider it today?

        Also, what about SMB3? Are you unable to go back and play that either? A lot of people, not including myself, consider it to be the greatest Mario game of all time, over SMW


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