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New Off-Screen Footage Of Super Mario Odyssey Appears

One of the big titles that Nintendo is planning to showcase at E3 next month in Los Angeles is the long-awaited Super Mario Odyssey for the Nintendo Switch. Today, we have been treated to some additional off-screen footage of the 3D platformer showcasing a brand new desert world as well as the previously seen New Donk City. The footage isn’t the best quality but its good enough to watch and get hyped for this year’s E3 event.


    1. Don’t read that bullshit article from LQ1998 (never read articles that use the word “Asians”), I know the answer:
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      The other reason is that in spring there’s alot of pollen in the air so, people who have a pollen allergy wear these masks as well.
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      1. The article he posted says exactly what you did in higher detail with historical reasoning, and lays out their use in other Eastern Asian countries as well.

        Not sure how using ‘Asian’ makes it a bullshit article when it’s a practice that was legitimately made a social norm and courtesy in more than just Japan alone. Asian is the correct term to use in the direction the article was going in lol

      2. Very interesting. I do wish that people would wear face masks here in North America when they’re sick. When I’m out in public and I hear someone coughing, I freak out and walk away as soon as possible.

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