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Mighty Gunvolt Burst Announced For Nintendo Switch And Nintendo 3DS

We had previously heard that Inti Creates had some new titles in the works for Nintendo platforms and it turns out one of these is Mighty Gunvolt Burst for Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS. Mighty Gunvolt Burst expands on the original for the Nintendo 3DS and brings with it new features like a character growth system and Burst Combo mode. The two playable characters in Mighty Gunvolt Burst are Beck and Gunvolt and the Nintendo Switch version includes HD Rumble for item dowsing.

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12 thoughts on “Mighty Gunvolt Burst Announced For Nintendo Switch And Nintendo 3DS”

  1. My 3DS broke before I got a chance to finish the original. I’ll definitely be picking this up for Switch.

      1. Here you go, here’s the trailer:

        Official Eng Dub Trailer:

        Official Jap Dub Trailer (with subs):

        The anime ova is already released on the 3DS eshop (as it’s said
        in the youtube description). You can choose to get it on there or…
        search around and watch the ova online.

        Actually here’s a link to the whole OVA:

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